The Key to Creating Great Killer Content Efficiently with Cristina Trinidad for She Owns It by @faithfulsocial

The Key to Creating Great Killer Content Efficiently by @faithfulsocial

by Cristina Trinidad | Featured Contributor

Let’s face it, we are all struggling with balance, time and constantly keeping the creative fires burning. Content creation is not a one and done enterprise. In fact, your entrepreneurial success depends on how well and how often you feed that content monster.

The Key to Creating Great Killer Content Efficiently with Cristina Trinidad for She Owns It by @faithfulsocial @

I work a full time corporate day job, a wife and  mother to two boys, run a blog and social media coaching business, guest post frequently for The SITS Girls, have a podcast and I am working on a branding e-course. To add even more pressure to that? I am in the middle of a house move. How can anyone manage to create solid content amidst all of that? Where do you keep your head, or is it always a fog of SEO, blog posts, the latest social media trends, tonight’s dinner and tomorrow’s report deadline?

Come sit by me and I will share all of my secrets. Well, it’s just one secret, the one to rule them all (if you’re into The Lord of the Rings you’ll be even more intrigued).

Multitasking is your downfall.

Sure, smartphones allow us to access email, respond to a tweet, share a Facebook status and snap a gram, but are we really focused? Studies show that heavy multitaskers are less competent at doing several things at once than light multitaskers. So what does this mean for blogging?

Simple. We batch. You wouldn’t bake just one cookie would you? No. You bake a dozen or two. You get all of the flour, and all of the baking soda, extra chocolate chips (maybe that’s just me) and all of the ingredients and bake up that one batch to create the perfect cookie. Batching your work is similar. Here is how I do it broken up by each day of the week.

Monday: Writing. Because it’s the start of a new week, this is my day to stare at a blank screen and create. If I only have an hour, that’s ok. I spend that entire hour writing blog posts. There are times I use this block to craft the messages around social media posts if I am launching something that’s bigger than a blog post.

Tuesday: Scheduling. I manage multiple social media accounts and that takes focus to share the right content to the appropriate platforms. Personally, I use Buffer, Tailwind and Hootsuite to get all of my scheduling done. This also includes reading my Feedly to share content I think my followers would find useful, helpful or timely.

Wednesday: Brainstorming. The middle of the week, the middle of everything and I want to live in the eye of that storm and brainstorm all of the posts that I want to write for my blog and pivot those titles to share as guest posts (That’s another tip. Why re-create the wheel, right?).

Thursday: Images. I usually work on image creation on Thursdays. Why? Because it’s close to Friday and I like to get the party started early. Creating images is fun for me, especially now that I use Canva. I have pre-set templates optimized for Facebook and Pinterest. Lately I have been including pull quotes from the post itself so that I can share my blog posts on Instagram, too.

Friday: Newsletter. This is the day that I connect with my readers via an exclusive email to them. I share a social media or blogging tip, and a little bit about what’s going on with me personally. I am a big advocate of fostering real, authentic community with those people who sign up to my VIP list. I think we forget just how personal email is. It’s just you and the other person, completely captivated by what you’ve written. Ditch the RSS feed driven email, and get personal.

Saturday: Photography. If the weather is nice, I’ll go for a walk and snap photos that I can use in my blog posts. It makes my blogging experience that much better because I never have to worry about copyright issues. Of course, there’s always and Heck, I’ve even used Canva’s paid images. But the personal ones are always better and with a smart phone, they’re usually better than the paid ones anyway.

Sunday: To-Do List. I spend time thinking about the week ahead and write down all of the things I’d like to get accomplished. Sometimes, that list is long. I just let myself free write here to get it all out on the paper. Then I go back and categorize the list by type. For example, “My blog”, “The SITS Girls”, “Blessed Is She”, “She Owns It”, “Branding ECourse”, “Email”, “Family”, etc. After prioritizing each category, I skim the top one or two and that’s my “must get done” for the week.

That still doesn’t mean that there isn’t a post it note pad on my nightstand to catch all the ideas  that could (and do) spill out in the middle of the night.

Lately, I’ve added meditation to my weekly routine. Just 10 minutes everyday via the Headspace App. I can’t tell you how it’s totally energized and calmed me at the same time. It’s a must have in your content creation arsenal.

That’s how I get it all done, every week.

What do you think about this batching thing? Could you start it this week? Let me know how you progress. Keep me posted!


Cristina Trinidad Cristina Trinidad is full-time all the time. A wife and working mother of two children, she recently launched a blog and social media coaching business centered on being social without losing yourself in the process. Cristina enjoys helping other bloggers get noticed, or providing just the right prescription to manage their brand online.

What gets more eyebrow raises though, is that she is also a classically trained opera singer from the age of 13. It was all Madonna and Whitney Houston covers before that! She is of Puerto Rican descent and grew up in Bushwick, Brooklyn – so she’s got just enough edge to keep her safe.When not blogging at Faithfully Social  you can find her on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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12 Replies to “The Key to Creating Great Killer Content Efficiently by @faithfulsocial”

  1. Randy Selzer

    Great post Cristina. I have always struggled with timely and consistent content creation, like you I have a full time business and other responsibilities that take much of my energy 24/7. When business is slow, I have time to write, but when it gets busy, there is no time or inspiration for writing. Your system looks like a great framework for consistent content creation, and for me that is exactly what the doctor ordered…. I’m going to start using your system…

    Thanks, & Cheers!

    1. Cristina Trinidad[ Post Author ]

      I hear you, Randy! The moment I get some down time, I think – GREAT! I can write. It’s exactly then that the muse has gone off on vacation. This system really helps reign in the muse! Best of luck!

  2. Rhonda Ortiz

    Cristina, I love this workflow. So THIS is how you do it! I was wondering, you know. As your friend and all. 🙂

    1. Cristina Trinidad[ Post Author ]

      I have a workflow!!! You really know that prayer is how I do it! xo

  3. Abigail Benjamin

    Thanks for breaking this down to such a manageable schedule Cristina!

    1. Cristina Trinidad[ Post Author ]

      You’re welcome, Abigail. If I map it out, I can get’er done!

  4. Rabia @TheLiebers

    I really need to work on a schedule like this. This summer has been hard because our whole routine is changed. I miss being caught up, or even ahead! I feel like I’m blogging by the seat of my pants lately!

    1. Cristina Trinidad[ Post Author ]

      Oh Rabia! How I hate when the routine goes out of whack. I was just on the phone with a dear friend talking about this very thing. We’re at the close of a house move and the routine? Well, its gon . Like Stella, I gotta get my groove back!

      Here’s to making it work!

  5. Enock Machodi

    Hi Cristina,

    I’m NOT a “Girl” but this doesn’t stop me from leaving a comment here!

    I stumbled on your request on a Facebook group, so I decided to check out your post here at It’s great to read how you take time to plan ahead so as to get everything in order. If you attend to your day job, you might find it difficult to cope with everything else that needs your attention, blogging included. Just like everyone else in the blogging arena, your week plan helps you to never miss all the important tasks you need to work on before that time comes.

    For me, I have to walk the extra mile since I have to write valuable and engaging blog posts twice a week, while I attend to clients who need my content writing services, new clients who are just starting out with blogging and require coaching services, as well as blog consultation. So it’s just too much to manage on my own but I try to get time to handle it all.

    Bottom line, it requires you to maintain clear focus and work consistently towards achieving the goals you’ve set. Any distraction can be catastrophic. You can read my guest post on Sue’s blog and learn one or two things on avoiding distractions. And since nobody wants to waste time this way, we all try to work on what we can possibly manage. So, if you think it’s manageable – add it to your schedule and keep working at it! That’s my opinion of how I get time to create killer content for my blog.

    Thank you!

    1. Cristina Trinidad[ Post Author ]

      Thanks, Enock. As a wife and mother two two young children who also has a full time corporate job, a blog and coaching business, social media manager for a small online magazine and community lead for The SITS Girls and now a featured contributor for She Owns It, I have to be very organized and structured with my time – as you know from all you have on your plate!!

      Oh wait! I also forgot creating content for my blog as well!!

      I need a coffee break!!

      Thanks for commenting.

  6. Melissa Whaley

    Great post Cristina! Glad to know I’m not the only one trying to keep my head on with family, business, and moving 🙂 I’ve been trying to do this more in my schedule using the idea of scheduling my “ideal week” from Michael Hyatt. Still takes a lot of focus, but gets better with practice.

    1. Cristina Trinidad[ Post Author ]

      Thanks Melissa! I’ve been using the Headspace App (coincidentally I’ve missed today’s session) to meditate and really get my focus aligned before my day begins. I found it really helpful! Like you said though, it all takes a lot of focus and gets better with practice!

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