#TheGameFinale – What’s your plan B?

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2 Replies to “#TheGameFinale – What’s your plan B?”

  1. DeKesha

    Sometimes we are placed in situations to push us to fulfill our purpose. I’m excited about your journey and can’t wait to hear updates. Entrepreneurship is a journey and we learn every step of the way!

    Congratulations my dear.

  2. marcelle

    Great article. You bought up a good point regarding having multiple income streams. My husband has a few online businesses for almost 20 yrs now and he’s be able to generate income from each. A few he had to get rid of because they weren’t working but he’s been doing very well.

    I was working fulltime up until this past March and am on unemployment. I’ve always worked so this is kind of new to me (being home most of the day). I recently started my own online business and I’m now learning the ropes and all the social media, reading, connecting to others, etc.

    I’m hoping to turn this into another income stream for us. While I appreciate the unemployment compensation, I don’t like the fact of being under someone else’s thumb so to speak and following ‘rules’. 😉

    Thank you!

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