Three Reasons Your Should Start Using PicPlayPost Today

by Lisa IllmanPPP

I was recently introduced to PicPlayPost; a remarkable app that has helped me rock business results and strengthen relationships. This video and photograph app is specifically designed for iPhones and iPads. Recording and snapping shots from your phone or tablet, PicPlayPost gives you the ability to tell a story, create a vision and relay an important message to your viewers. Three ways I have used PicPlayPost recently have really shown me that pictures and videos go a long way!


Tell a Story

As a Coach for Beachbody, I host and manage Challenge Groups for my clients that offer support and accountability during their fitness journey. Everyday we post our food and exercise routine as well as other inspirations. Using PicPlayPost, I am able to video myself sharing some of the challenges, struggles and achievements I am having. The video with photographs of me exercising tells the story of my daily routine, and gives my Challengers a connection to my journey. Since most of our interaction is done through Social Media, it is important they get to know me even if we cannot talk regularly. PicPlayPost offer that connection and a way for me to tell my daily fitness and health story.


Create a Vision

Vision boards are a popular tool to assist folks in manifesting their dreams and goals. The idea is to put together a collage of pictures and words that reveal your hopes for the future. PicPlayPost has been a wonderful mini me vision board for manifesting fitness goals for myself. Using the video, I record specific affirmations and motivational talks and fill up the rest of the board with photographs of where I hope to be with my physique in a few months. Inspiring signs and pictures reflecting reasons I want to be healthier are also great to add!


Communicate an Important Message

I don’t know about you, but every year for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and even Birthdays I struggle when I start thinking about the perfect gift or card to get a loved one. Cards never seem to say exactly the right thing and gifts are over used; same ol’ flowers, chocolates, etc. This year, I made a heart felt video for my Mom on Mother’s day and included several photos of us on a recent trip to Chicago. My Mother was so touched by the video and loved seeing the pictures in one place. It was 10X better then a card, and I dare say she appreciated it more then her actual gift.

Check out PicPlayPost for your business, personal and social needs. No doubt you will create some new ways this cool app can bring some value and uniqueness to your current tools. Enjoy!




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