5 Essential Tips for Women Entrepreneurs Starting a Business in 2024

Starting a business can be an exciting and fulfilling endeavor, especially for women in today’s dynamic and inclusive business landscape. As the CEO and co-founder of AgileHRO, I’ve witnessed firsthand the incredible rise of women entrepreneurs. But let’s be honest, the journey isn’t sugarcoated. Over 15 years navigating the global HR landscape, I saw the pain points, and the inefficiencies – that’s what birthed AgileHRO. Today, I share 5 data-driven power moves that fueled my journey and can propel yours:

1. Find Your “Why,” Not Just Your “What.”

Passion is great, but a laser-sharp purpose is your resilience shield. Before diving in, ask yourself: what problem are you solving? What unique value are you offering? Your answer becomes your mission statement, your guiding light during inevitable storms. Remember, a strong “why” attracts not just customers, but the right talent and collaborators who resonate with your cause.

For me, it was streamlining global employment. AgileHRO simplifies HR & payroll for businesses to thrive anywhere, empowering them to focus on what truly matters.

2. Build Your Tribe, It’s Not a Solo Act.

The solopreneur myth is seductive but often isolating. Don’t be a statistic! 63% of female founders report feeling isolated, according to a 2022 report by The Wing. Combat this by actively building your support network. Join online forums, attend industry events, and seek mentors. Share experiences, exchange wisdom, and celebrate wins together. Remember, “a rising tide lifts all boats,” and your tribe can be the wind beneath your wings.

My network spans continents, from Asia to Europe, fueled by conferences, online communities, and incredible mentors who believed in me.

3. Own Your Expertise, Don’t Hide It.

Women often underestimate their capabilities. Stop dimming your light! Leverage your skills and knowledge to become a thought leader in your field. 81% of consumers trust brands with a strong thought leadership presence (Edelman, 2023). Write articles, attend conferences, and engage in social media discussions. Sharing your expertise establishes you as a trusted resource, attracting clients, partners, and investors.

I leverage my HR expertise to educate businesses on global employment complexities, positioning AgileHRO as the solution, not just a product.

4. Embrace Tech, It’s Your Ally, Not Your Overlord.

Technology can be daunting, but it’s a game-changer. Utilize automation to streamline tasks. Explore collaboration platforms for seamless teamwork. Leverage social media marketing to reach your target audience. Remember, tech is there to empower you, not replace you. Embrace it, and watch your business soar.

AgileHRO itself is a testament to the power of tech. From automating HR tasks to simplifying payroll across borders, it empowers businesses to operate efficiently.

5. Prioritize Self-Care: You’re the Engine, Not the Fuel.

As the CEO, you are the driving force of your business. Taking care of yourself is not a luxury, it’s mission-critical. A 2022 Harvard Business Review study found that entrepreneurs who prioritize self-care are 30% more likely to report feeling happy and fulfilled, and 25% more likely to achieve their business goals. Schedule time for exercise, healthy eating, and activities that bring you joy. Remember, a well-rested, recharged you makes better decisions, inspires your team, and leads a more successful business.

For me, self-care means embracing the digital nomad lifestyle. Traveling the world fuels my creativity and keeps me connected to diverse perspectives, all while leading a thriving business.

Remember, the road to success is paved with challenges and triumphs. Embrace the journey, leverage these power moves, and be the unstoppable force you were born to be. The world awaits your unique vision, your tenacity, and your leadership. 

Jamie Haerewa: As the CEO and co-founder of AgileHRO, I’m passionate about empowering businesses to thrive globally. A self-proclaimed digital nomad, I leverage my HR expertise and love for building communities to fuel innovation and advocate for women’s leadership in tech.

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