Top 7 Podcasts by Women for Women by @KerryHeaps

Top 7 Podcasts by Women for Women

by Kerry Heaps

Are you a Woman Business Owner in need of some expert advice with a female point of view? I have listed the top 7 podcasts you should be subscribing to and why. These podcasts and radio shows are in no particular order and have been chosen based on the mission, content, quality of guests and how they are showing up in their community to enrich the lives of women personally and professionally.

  1. Entrepreneurs En Vogue. Hosted by Iman Oubou, her podcast highlights the career paths of successful female millennials in hopes of helping others turn their dreams into reality. Entrepreneurs En Vogue is a multi-media platform for women that want that extra push and the right resources to become successful in doing what they love. It’s for those who want the opportunity to make their own way but feel like they are alone out there.
  1. Massive Momentum. Hosted by Entrepreneur, Kristie Kennedy, Massive Momentum in Minutes provides motivation, inspiration and empowerment to entrepreneurial leaders who desire to eradicate self-sabotaging behaviors. A successful Entrepreneur herself, Kristie delights her audience with other successful business women who have an important message to share.
  1. The Game Changer Podcast. This podcast, hosted by Michelle Dutro, shares the stories challenges, successes and most importantly the “why” of each guest appearing on the show. You will be inspired by people who are just like you, who are making a difference. You will see that it doesn’t take a million dollars, quitting your job, or knowing Bill Gates in order to contribute in a significant way. You can do amazing things from where you are right now. And if there are beliefs that are holding you back, hopefully you will see that some of these people had doubts at one time as well.
  1. Power Factor Biz Chat. Hosted by Erica Queenie Castner, this podcast focuses on women leaders, sharing their stories of success and failures during their journey. You will learn lessons in leadership from some of the top female leaders in various industries. Erica interviews successful women entrepreneurs to talk about their story for inspiration and motivation.
  1. Selling in a Skirt. Hosted by Judy Hoberman, this radio show covers sales and other great topics to help women in business. This show is about women in business both inside and outside the home, work/life balance, leadership and current events. It’s your connection to women nationally, internationally and globally. The show airs on W4WN Radio which promotes Speakers, Authors, Business Owners and Non-Profits.
  1. Women taking the lead. Women Taking the Lead was founded by Jodi Flynn, a professional coach passionate about helping her clients develop into confident individuals who stand out in a crowd. Knowing the tremendous value observing and listening to female leaders had on her own career development, she desired a way to give advancing leaders the encouragement they need to keep moving forward. The goal of Women Taking the Lead is to offer inspiration through the stories of others who have overcome the odds, faced personal and professional challenges head-on, and jumped into the unknown to build their dream and expand their careers. Http://
  1. Women Entrepreneurs Radio. Hosted by Entrepreneur Deb Bailey, this podcast shares stories of transitions from women (and men) who have followed their dream to become entrepreneurs. What is success? How do you stay motivated? How do you connect with your passion and turn it into a business? Deb interviews entrepreneurs who speak honestly about their challenges and successes and give advice to women who want to go into business.


Kerry HeapsKerry Heaps is the Publisher of Strictly Marketing Magazine and host of Strictly Marketing Talk Radio. The magazine and radio show offer advice from leading marketing experts. The magazine recently launched a sister site called Strictly Women in Marketing, an online community for women in marketing and women business owners to gain more media coverage with access


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