Never Dim Your Light: Why You Should Be Proud of Your Professional Accomplishments by @nkwebbgroup1

Never Dim Your Light: Why You Should Be Proud of Your Professional Accomplishments
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by Nicole K. Webb | Featured Contributor

Why is it that we are sometimes impressed with other people’s professional accomplishments, but when it comes to our own, we feel we are never doing enough?

Early in my career, I worked extremely hard to accomplish career goals in record-breaking time so that I could be ahead and always have a competitive advantage. While in many ways this was smart, strategic and very helpful in my career advancement, it also hindered me. Because I was so focused on finishing one thing after the other, I failed to take time to enjoy my successes. This caused me unnecessary stress and anxiety.

Each time I had a victory, in my mind I was never doing enough. I was so focused on accomplishing goals that when others would congratulate me or try to celebrate me I would avoid it and minimize my success because I did not believe it was warranted. I knew I had more to do.

I had also prided myself on being humble. As a child growing into an adult, my mother always taught me to remain humble because when you are not, things can be taken from you instantly, causing your circumstances to change. But I misinterpreted my mother’s guidance and instead created this fictional belief in that I should not display any pride I felt regarding my accomplishments openly.

Things changed when I launched my business and struggled day in and day out to accomplish goals with limited resources. In the past, there was always a blueprint to guide me along the way. For instance, my college degree provided a set pathway of courses and a syllabus for each one. All I had to do was follow the directions given to me. I felt more “determined” than “smart.”

There are no blueprints for starting a business. I had to create it for myself. There are no professors assigned to provide guidance. Instead you have to seek out the right contacts yourself and pray that they are willing to help you.

I have spent my own money, lost it and often gained very little returns. I have written countless career advice articles and had very little responses from individuals, causing me to sometimes feel like it was pointless to write at all. Additionally, I have reached out to dozens of contacts and have received few calls back.

But these setbacks have not stopped me from continuing to pursue my goals. They give me more momentum and the realization that we should be proud of our achievements, no matter how big or small.

“In the end, its about being proud of yourself for being where you are now” – Anonymous

The lessons and experiences this journey has afforded me have been like no other. I realized that my mother was absolutely correct about needing to be humble, but I most certainly will not hide my “happy.”


DSC_0688-2 sheownsitNicole K. Webb is a former “Perfect Patty” who was committed to doing everything by the book because of her fear of failure. However, in 2012 she faced some life-changing decisions that revealed to her that although you can try your best to do things perfectly, it’s impossible to be perfect at everything. For the first time in Nicole’s career, she struggled with a job in which she was not a good fit and was able to recognize this for herself. Nicole decided to resign from what many would consider a dream job in human resources in order to take time to figure out what to do next.

After being unemployed for two months, she found herself a great career opportunity in the human resources field. She also began to follow her dream of becoming a business owner. She opened her very own human resource consulting and career coaching business, NK WEBB GROUP LLC. Since launching her business, she has authored The Workplace Playbook: Strategies to Help New Employees Win In Their Careers.

Nicole has over 10 years of experience in human resources. She has an MBA from University of Baltimore and a BA from Coppin State University.

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  1. Victoria Kelly

    Nicole, I am so proud of you and your accomplishments, not surprised at all. You keep doing what your doing and be great at it, let your HAPPY shine so the world can see…..

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