Unlocking Success through Podcasting

Unlocking Success through Podcasting

As female entrepreneurs, many of us know that getting more visibility is vital to our business growth but with that comes the challenge of where to get visibility from and how to find places to share your story.

Podcasts are a great way of getting more visibility and showcasing your authority while also authentically sharing your story.

Maybe you’ve heard people talk about podcasts and spotted other female entrepreneurs get invited to speak on podcasts and it’s left you wondering, “How do they do it?” or more importantly, “How can I do it too?” 

Despite what most people think, there are millions of opportunities when it comes to podcasts and they’re currently the easiest type of media to get featured in. According to Spotify, there are over five million podcasts in the world and 464.7 million podcast listeners so it’s safe to say that there are a lot of opportunities which makes getting interviewed in podcasts a no-brainer for so many female entrepreneurs.

Now you might be thinking “But Chloë, they’re not relevant to my industry?” and you’d be right. Not all of them will be, but even if you got interviewed on 0.01 percent of them, do you think sharing your story on 500 podcasts with 46,470 listeners would grow your brand? Absolutely! 

Podcasts are generally more personal and relaxed than other media sources because most of them are conversational. This means that you can be yourself, relax, and trust that you’ll get your message out, rather than being grilled on live radio or TV. 

When I was interviewed for On A Mission hosted by Ellie McKay, we spoke about loads of different aspects of my life from when I battled clinical depression to when I wrote my first book. It flowed and I got to share my story, show my character, and showcase my expertise with my book publishing business. That’s what being on a good podcast can do for you; showcase your story AND your business.

So how do you get interviewed on podcasts? 

The simple answer is to ask. I know that sounds too simple but it really all comes down to: if you don’t ask, you don’t get. Podcast hosts have a commitment to their listeners and so they’re always looking for great guests to have on their show. If you want to be one of them, you have to start the ball rolling. So write a list of podcast hosts you know or that you follow and reach out to them. 

As a podcast host myself, I know that taking your shot is miles better than not trying. Here are some thoughts you might have, and here’s what I would tell you, knowing what I know now: 

B.S Belief #1: “I can’t ask them, they need to invite me” 

It is so much better when guests reach out to me than when I have to go searching for guests. Podcast hosts have so many moving parts to think about so help them out by putting yourself forward and reaching out to them! 

B.S Belief #2: “If they wanted me in their podcast they’d reach out to me”

If someone hasn’t reached out to you, it’s not always about you. It is often just a case of ‘out of sight out of mind’. So if they haven’t reached out to you, it doesn’t mean they wouldn’t love to have you on the show, it just means they haven’t thought about it yet! So put the thought into their head yourself and reach out to them! 

B.S Belief #3: “What if I message them and they don’t respond?”

This is a similar situation to when you message your best friend and they don’t respond – often it’s not about you, it’s just that they read your message, life got busy, they got distracted and completely forgot. When it comes to us being courageous and putting ourselves forward to a podcast host, we seem to act like mind readers and makeup stories that it’s because they don’t want us or that we’re not good enough but actually that’s all assumptions. When it comes to visibility opportunities, the fortune is in the follow-up. If they don’t respond, give it a few days and message again. 

B.S Belief #4: “What if I ask and they say no?”   

Firstly, what if you ask and they say yes? The odds are a LOT higher of them saying yes than them saying no. Secondly, a “no” is never a “no”, it’s a “not yet”. They may say no because they’ve already got a full schedule of guests and so don’t have any space for you. Or they may feel that you’re not quite ready for their podcast yet (this may be the case with big shows like Diary Of A CEO by Steven Bartlett for example) and that’s also totally understandable. Just take it as a “not yet” and take action to get ready.

The reality is ladies that it’s rare for an opportunity to land in your lap so you have to go and find it. The more you reach out and ask for opportunities, the more opportunities you’ll get, and the more podcasts you’ll be interviewed on!

Remember if you play small you’ll stay small and if you don’t ask, you don’t get. So start playing a bigger game, start asking, and start sharing your incredible story on podcasts! 

Chloë Bisson is the host of the Inspired By Show and has interviewed incredible guests such as Carrie Green, Spencer Lodge, and Nick James. She is also #1 bestselling author, award-winning entrepreneur, international speaker, and visibility expert. 

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