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How To Use Your Book As A Lead Generation Tool by @JaneTabachnick

How To Use Your Book As A Lead Generation Tool_She

by Jane Tabachnick | Featured Contributor 

Have you written a book, or perhaps you are thinking of writing a book?

You may have heard it said, a book is the new business card, but you wonder how will it help get you business? I wrote about this in an earlier post – 4 Ways Writing A Book Can Help Grow Your Business

When writing a book, you have the opportunity to turn it into the maximum lead generation tool, by building elements right into your book itself. Here are 4 ways to make your book a super lead magnet.

4 Ways to Turn Your Book into a Lead Generation Tool

When readers connect with you and your message, they will naturally want to continue to engage with you outside of your book. Highly motivated readers will go online to seek you out and start to follow you online. They may even inquire about working with you, and some will hire you.

Why leave it to chance, when you can encourage readers to engage and go deeper with you. Here are some of the ways you can incorporate calls to action within your book, that will help generate leads for your business.

Invite readers to join your email list

Your email list is natural way to bring your readers into your network and have them continue to engage with you.  By inviting them to sign up for your email list right within your book, you are suggesting an action that will benefit both of you.


  • The reader is loving you. Now you are telling them how they can get to get more of you for free. Your email list is how your readers will be able to continue to engage with you. They can keep up to date with your news – content, events, products and new books that may interest them.
  • People respond to invitations and calls to action. By letting them know you care about them and their success, and that they can get more information via your newsletter, you are deepening their engagement with you and your brand.

It can take from seven to 11 touches [email, social media, webinars…] before someone is ready to buy from you. Your newsletter will insure they get multiple touches and keep you top of mind.

Invite them to an online class or a webinar

Your reader is loving you via your book. Now you invite them to an online class or webinar where they can experience you live, as well as get to ask questions. This can be irresistible to someone who has connected with your message in print or e-book format.

You will want to set up your invitation to be evergreen. Readers may be seeing the invitation in your book today or in one year, so you don’t want to send them to a webinar page that has expired.

 Invite them to a strategy session

If you are a coach or a service provider, an invitation to a strategy session, while the most direct of the lead generation methods, can help readers become clients more quickly. A strategy sessions is a discovery call that can end with an offer if there is a mutually agreed upon fit. It’s a great way for a reader to get to know you and find out more about what it might be like to work with you.

To make it easy for you to set up these strategy sessions, I recommend you use an online calendar scheduling tool and build in a few screening questions; that way you can manage your time better and screen out requests that are not the right fit.

Invite them to your live event

If you host a regular event, annually or biannually, why not invite your readers to attend. This is both a great way to fill your events as well as provide a way for your readers to get to meet you. As an author and expert, they look up to you and will want to meet you in person and get to work with you.

My client Mai Vu put an attractive graphic featuring a special event offer towards the back of her book. She began filling her Hot Life, Hot Love™ event earlier than ever before, as readers used the coupon to sign up.

When Should You Start planning the Lead Generation aspects to your book?

If you haven’t started writing your book, this is the perfect time to think about how you’d like to continue to engage your audience/readers once they begin reading your book and beyond. Design your book to include one or two of these calls to action, so that once published, your book works even harder for you as a lead generation tool. If your book is already written, you can always revise it to build in your call[s] to action.


Jane TabachnickJane Tabachnick is a digital marketing and publicity consultant, and book publisher. She works with savvy entrepreneurs and enlightened professionals to help them tell their story, become published authors, and create greater visibility, buzz and profits.

Jane is eternally inquisitive and working on perfecting her gluten free baking. She has been named one of the top 100 people online by Fast Company. As an ambivert who has often been featured or quoted in the media, she sill prefers to help her clients get visibility.

Jane is the creator of a program on Sustainable Design Entrepreneurship at NYC’s Fashion Institute where she is also an adjunct professor. Her next book, Irresistible Influence will be published in Spring 2017.

Connect with Jane: Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin



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