Using Twitter to Create Hype for Your Event: Before, During and After by @sociallysavvy4u

Promoting event on twitter

by Manon Leroux | Featured Contributor

The best way to promote an event without actually “promoting” it is by creating conversation around it. A conversation creates collaboration, reach and genuine interest in the topics itself (in this case your event).

Now the best way to create conversation on Twitter is by using #hashtags. These allow for one constant stream of tweets to be grouped together, which can be easily followed by Twitter users.

A virtual gathering really!

Before your event: For best result, it is ideal to create your #hashtag prior to starting to promote your event (but we all know nothing is perfect and this can be done at any stage really). Creating your #hashtag is not complicated, although you do want to keep it as short as possible and make as memorable as possible.

One thing you might want to do prior to committing to your event #hashtag is to check to see if anyone else is using it and this can be done using Twitter Search.

Once your #hashtag is confirmed you will want to mention it on all your event communications, digital and printed. You could use something like:

Event Twitter #hashtag make sure to follow for updates and join in the conversation!

A great tool for your attendees and speakers to join the conversation and easy to follow;

  • Creating an organic buzz prior to your event,
  • Drumming up interest and provoking anticipation for the event itself. Plus, this also provides attendees an opportunity to connect and create new connections (great for networking).

During your event: Have organizers and attendees use the #hashtag to spread your speaker’s content on Twitter. I personally enjoy these kinds of tweets from an event if I am not attending, getting a “live feedback” reading different perspective from attendees on what they are learning. It’s fun, engaging and provides great exposure for the events itself (a win/win for everyone).

After your event: The beauty of the #hashtag is that it lives onyour event might be over, but you can continue the conversation with the community that was created. Here are some “engagement” ideas for after your event:

  • Ask your attendees for event feedback
  • Highlight new connections that happen because of the event
  • You can even answer some question they didn’t address during the event
  • If anyone wants to create blogs around they have learned this can be shared within the #hashtag community.

The power of these real-time Twitter conversations is that they provide a snapshot of how individuals engaged in the events content and connected with one another before, during and after the event – both to promote the event brand and to engage in ongoing conversations.


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