3 Ways to Balance Business and Family During the Holidays by @tiffulcher

by Tiffany Fulcher | Featured Contributor

If your like me, the end of the year is the least busiest and most busiest time of the year. Most of your clients are “winding” down and business is a bit slower than peak times; however, your personal life is “picking up” with holiday parties, kids at home, and gift purchases for everyone that’s not on the naughty list.

Balancing business and clients during this time can be tricky. Here are some simple ways to balance your business and family during the holiday season.

1. Consider working part-time – As we get closer to the holidays, clients and vendors will be vacationing and spending time away from work. This means they will be unavailable and pinning them down to a schedule may prove to be difficult. If you can, cut back hours to mornings only; peak performance times for most businesses and focus on spending the afternoons creating your 2014 vision and plans. This way your time will be managed and spent being productive rather than filtering voicemails.

2. Delegate your work load – Interns, Part-timers, and Employees may want to make earn extra cash around the holiday season. This is a great time to delegate responsibilities to maximize your time and efficiency. This is also a great way to search for employees who are ready to transition into new positions or give more responsibilities. Delegating your workload can keep the flow going in your office without you having to be on top of each and every item.  Give some time and extra cash to those who could really use it around this time of year and take a load off.

3. Be in the moment – Take this time to focus on your family. I mean the days before, after, and beyond Christmas. This is such a special time of the year, so take advantage of it! The business can wait a few days and trust me it will be ok. With children at home for the holidays your productivity will mostly likely be limited anyway. Instead of attempting to juggle both, give your kids and family the undivided attention they crave! This way won’t feel so guilty when you jump start the new year!

 Just a few simple reminders to choose joy in this season rather than getting completely overwhelmed. We all know how simple that can be. Prepare your heart and mind for the new year by taking some downtime while you can. You will feel refreshed, renewed, and a greater sense of purpose in the new year!


Tiffany Fulcher – Life Purpose Architect

Tiff_2-1Tiffany Fulcher is an entrepreneur, speaker, and life purpose architect tm boldly encouraging women to live their lives by God’s design. She provides inspiration and motivation through Tiffany Fulcher llc a personal and professional development company. Her practical yet strategic approach helps women to overcome obstacles and pursue limitless possibilities.

She compels others to walk in their authority, embrace their extraordinary, and to own their influence. Through her development and leadership training Tiffany equips her clients with the tools to help them define their purpose, set goals, and confront challenges that keep them from pursuing the enriching life God has planned for them.

Tiffany also owns Education Outsource, which serves to teach and train educators, schools, and organizations on the rising trends in education technology and how to implement these trends in effectively in the school and organizational environment.

Always considering matters of the heart, Education Outsource also provides teachers and administrators with leadership and personal development training encompassed around the educator influence.

As a writer and media personality Tiffany has been featured on ABC’s affiliate Good Morning Texas as an expert and blogger, Essence Magazine online, The Fort Worth Star Telegram and countless other news and media outlets.

Tiffany’s heartbeat and passion is her family. She simply adores her husband of 11 years, Fred and 3 kiddos, Symone 3, Trey 6, and Sydnei 9.





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