3 Deadly Website Mistakes

by Kristal Reagan

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    You have no Free Offer– In today’s competitive world and a seemingly saturated market you need to stand out from the rest. You need to have a free offer that is compelling, that makes your ideal client want to take action on your site so that you get them on your list. No list=no revenue. Your free offer should be something that gives enough information away that your ideal client can take a small action steps to get them one step closer to their solution. They will see you as a true expert, they will recommend you to their network and they will come to you when they’re ready to continue taking those steps that they just can’t finish without you!

  2. No Clear call to action– This can go hand-in-hand with #1 above. Frequently I land on a home page or welcome page of a website and there is no clear call to action for me to take. You must tell your ideal client exactly what you want them to do and you can tell them in more than one way. So for that free offer you need a headline that tells them to GET this free (whatever). If you have a welcome video at the end temind them to get the free offer. You need to direct people through your website so ask yourself what is the very first thing you want someone to do when they land on your home page. Get on your list? Take a look at a sales page? Complete a survey? Whatever it is make it stand out, tell them exactly what to do and make sure it’s above the fold (they should see it without having to scroll down into your site).
  3. Not clear about what you do or who you serve- How many websites have you been to and you sat there confused because you had no idea what that business actually does? People will not dig deep, so again, you need to make this obvious by using your header, a video, short bits of text that tells them who you are, what you do and who your ideal client is. Don’t waste their time, or yours! Make it 100% clear, again above the fold and don’t get cute or fancy. Simple does it and it’s best to use industry standard words because they are the most popular even if you feel they are being over used. This will avoid confusion in having to explain that really cool and trendy title you came up with.

So what I’m saying here, is that your website and domain name are your real estate on the internet and you want people to come to your home page and enter the welcome mat and find out more about you. You want it to speak to them and to speak to them you need it to be concise, to the point, with clear action steps they need to take. Are you offering them something that they just can’t resist (like a friend that stops by and you offer them coffee to spend a few more minutes with them)? Are you making it clear what you want them to do when they get there? When ideal clients find your site are they left wondering how you can help them? Analyze your site and ask your ideal clients to give you feedback on what they need and want and then make adjustments to that your website will be a place your ideal clients will want to return to over and over!




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