What Can Barbie the Movie Teach Us About Women in Business?

What Can Barbie the Movie Teach Us About Women in Business?

Women often face stereotypes and biases in the business world, which can create pressure to conform to certain roles or leadership styles that may not be aligned with the life they wish to create for themselves.

In the first ever live-action Barbie feature film, the very American story of this unresolved pressure is explored.

While this all too common experience can feel pretty heavy, I loved the movie. I pretty much laughed the whole way through and it was especially relatable as a goal-oriented mother of a tween (yikes middle school). Below are some takeaways inspired by Barbie and the diverse group of characters in the film.

Create your own definition of success

Women in business should prioritize crafting their own definition of success with their unique strengths and values as a starting point.

Surrounding yourself with mentors and supportive allies can provide encouragement, guidance, and a safe space to explore your goals without judgment. The right group of people by your side can also boost your confidence as you navigate defining your unique journey in both business and in life.

Stop seeking perfection, it doesn’t exist

The pursuit of perfection often leads to a fear of failure, discouraging you from taking risks and exploring new ideas.

Since perfection is essentially unattainable, striving for it can lead to perpetual dissatisfaction and disappointment. Embracing authenticity, on the other hand, opens doors to creativity and growth.

Embrace Individuality and Authenticity

Instead of seeking validation from external sources, prioritize your own sense of fulfillment as a measure of success.

How you feel about yourself plays a crucial role in your personal and professional growth. Celebrate your progress and resist the pressure to prove your worth to others because YOU ARE WORTHY.

It’s ok to break free from outdated societal pressures.

Just because your grandmother was satisfied making pies for the neighborhood and wearing knee-length dresses doesn’t mean you have to. When we break free from limiting beliefs about what we should be that are created by societal pressures, and instead pursue our goals, we begin to create a life that feels right.

In the business world, breaking free from gender norms can lead to a diverse and inclusive work environment with diverse perspectives being celebrated. Sign me up!

Allow yourself to take breaks without feeling guilty

When things feel a bit overwhelming, make time for your well-being. Taking care of yourself can bring clarity and confidence to your next steps. And by showing up for yourself first, you can prevent burnout, making it easier to maintain healthy relationships with those around you.

Shifting your focus to personal growth and fulfillment can be empowering. You may find you will build the resilience needed to achieve your definition of success, regardless of societal expectations.

Here’s to creating a meaningful and fulfilling journey, your way.

Jackie Gutierrez is passionate about helping entrepreneurs maximize their potential and enjoy new levels of success.

Rooted in experience, her first venture was a music video production company, resulting in an MTV Music Video Award nomination for best visual effects. She also co-founded a Los Angeles-based contemporary clothing company that was carried by Nordstrom, Anthropologie, Macy’s, REVOLVE, and specialty stores throughout the U.S.

With over two decades of experience in fashion, ecommerce, entertainment, digital marketing, and business development, she is a go-to expert for clients worldwide.

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