What Your Audience Wants To Hear You Say


As a woman, you want to be heard. You want to stand powerfully in front of the audience you already have and create an impact, across your platforms and connections. This includes networking, social media, your email list, and colleagues.

You want to stand with confidence in front of your tribe.

While there are all kinds of quick hacks and tricks out there, your ability to really move your audience comes down to one key thing.

It’s all about what you share.

When you are speaking, whether in person or virtually, at an event or on social media, your audience is looking for one thing. They are listening to everything you are saying, and asking, “is this me?” Your audience is looking for themselves in your words and your story.

For instance, if you are sharing about a time you went hiking, your audience will automatically perk up if they also love to hike or like to spend time in parks. Or if you are sharing about a recent heartbreak, anyone listening will pay attention to what your experience was like to see how it compares to their own breakup.

This is a basic human function. We all seek community and belonging. We all want to know we are not alone. Because when you are able to let your audience know this, then the real magic occurs.

Ironically, it wasn’t my 20 year career as a performer on stages across the world that taught me this, it was actually a devastating divorce in 2013 that was my greatest teacher. I was in my late 30’s and felt like the life I had created was going up in smoke, and for the first time, I went to a spiritual support group.

I felt so self conscious, but after learning how to meditate, they passed around the mic for each person to introduce themselves and share why they were here. When it came to me, I decided to do something I had never done publicly or on any stage, I decided to be completely vulnerable and honest. I shared about my heartbreak, I shared about how scared and lost I felt, as tears streamed down my face.

And then the miracle happened. I felt everyone in the room come closer. And each person that spoke after me, shared how they felt the same way I did. And I noticed how much better I felt too! It was so freeing to be honest. After the meeting, I went up to the teacher to get onto the email list because I knew I was going to come back every month. He took me in and said, “what you did was very courageous.”

And I realized that I had been wrong. All my years of being in front of audiences and wanting more than anything to have an impact with them, I would spend all my energy on being perfect and having it all together. I honestly thought if I would share honestly, I would be rejected. And yet here, I learned the exact opposite was true.

My impact was powerful because of what I shared with everyone there. Turns out we all had experienced heartbreak and were all feeling lost and scared too.

That moment in the support group allowed me to transition from being a performer to launching my own business and building a global audience.

So, how can you apply this?

First begin with fully knowing yourself. What are your passions? What lights you up and inspires you to take action? And conversely what breaks your heart or sets you into a rage? You can take a moment to journal about what you find you immediately jump forward with, whether that is a social cause, mindset, or personal interest. Give yourself time as well to write down what drains your energy or you find yourself needing to lay strong boundaries around.

Second, get to know your audience. Take the time to poll them, or send out a survey to gain information. Find out about their passions. Find out what lights them up and causes them to follow you, buy your books and services, and share your content. Ask what drains them or causes them to shut down. Take a moment to reflect on all your conversations you have had in the past with your audience whether at an event or on social media. What have they said, “Oh my gosh, me too! I feel the same way!”

Third, look at what is common between these two lists. And place your attention on leveraging these intersections in your marketing.

Your audience will love you for it, and you will probably hear them saying, “Oh my gosh, it’s as if you were speaking directly to me!”

Place your attention on what you share with your audience, and watch your impact explode.




Nikol Rogers is a speaker, writer, and empowerment coach who helps people reclaim their confidence, expand their perfect audience, and bring their fearless vision to life. She has taught her ZenRed Method globally and has helped her clients become a more confident version of themselves and in alignment with their true purpose through her signature course, Powerful Presence. Her work can be found at NikolRogers.com.

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