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Wherever the Camera Goes So Do Consumers by @ScotDuke

video marketing

by Scot Duke | Featured Contributor 

Have you ever wondered why more videos are being produced?  

If you have, I can certainly confirm the answer being partly explained by this statement…

Wherever the camera goes, so do consumers.  

Yes, consumers are turning to the internet to find videos on subjects and products they are interested in learning more about.  YouTube now has become the Go-To site to check out a new product or service…or just about anything.

A video offers a consumer more than just the product information, it offers a view of the product they cannot get even from seeing it at a brick and mortar store.  Videos allow the consumer to see who is selling the product or services. Videos have become the go-to media for

The Social Video Factor

Add the Social Video factor and the impact of the message about a product or service multiplies.  

Social Videos are rapidly becoming the way to sell a product while building consumer trust.  If an e-commerce site does not have a video of the product they are selling it will more than likely be passed by for a site that does offer videos.

Social Videos are now starting to become the mainstay media used by many professionals and service business people.  Since 2008 the increase in the number of videos posted to the internet has increased nearly 400%.  Sales are bound to follow that popularity.

So how do you go about getting ahead of the movement businesses are making to produce Social Videos?

  • Consult with a professional social video producer
  • Focus only on producing quality videos
  • Develop a long-term digital marketing strategy

Make sure the camera is where the consumers want it.

Let me know how I can help.

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