Why Are You Promoting Other People by @ChristyALaverty

by Christy A Laverty | Featured ContributorT

Seriously, why are you promoting other people on social media?

Wondering what I am talking about?

OK, here is the thing. I have been seeing a lot of people using links in their social media bios to drive traffic to other peoples websites rather than their own. This is particularly perplexing to me when you take into account that platforms like Instagram only give you one link to share in your bio. That’s prime real estate and to see people using that one link to drive their community to someone else’s website has me scratching my head in wonder. I wonder…why would anyone want to drive traffic to someone else’s website rather than their own?

Where are you driving your traffic?

Where are you directing your community to go?

It is important to spread the word any time you earn media mentions, attention or features and, of course, that includes guest posts, podcasts, and even social media videos and shares. You want to promote and leverage all the media you are earning BUT do you want to be promoting you or them?

I hope your answer is you and them!

What I want you to start doing it promoting your media mentions, press, and publicity through your own website and links. That means you should be share links that drive traffic to your media page or your blog page. Posting your media features, guest posts and interviews on your own site allows you to share your good news, spread the news and promote you and the person/journalist/site who/that featured you.

Your Media Page

Creating a media page allows you to post all the things that help promote you and your business. This is where you are working to create a narrative for you and your business. Once you create a media page you can use this link to share with your community and share all the earned media.

Here is just a shortlist of things you could include in your media page

  • Previous Media
    • Post all links to previous interviews you have done on television, radio or podcasts. You should post links to articles and guest posts. This is a great link to share on social media, in blog posts, and in your newsletter. This is also the link you should post in your Instagram bio and Twitter bio. Be sure to keep your previous media appearances up to date.
  • Talking Points/Topics
    • This is a great place to list all the topics you can talk about when being interviewed by the media. Think outside the box here. You can talk about issues and concerns involved in your business and industry but you should also think about other things outside of how you service your customers. Think about your entrepreneurial journey, or being a parent and business owner. Don’t forget to look toward your hobbies and interests.
  • Contact Information
    • Be sure to include all contact information, including phone number and email address. You should also include the name of the contact person –  if it is you then say so!
  • High-Resolution Photos
    • Creating a gallery of high-resolution product or team photos will help media outlets easily put together all the elements they need for a feature.

Remember, a media page is a place for you to toot your own horn and then spread the word of all your good works with your community and more!

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