Why Blogging is Important for Your Business by @beck_ruiz

Why Blogging is Important for Your Business by @beck_ruiz

Why Blogging is Important for Your Business by @beck_ruiz

by Rebecca Ruiz | Featured Contributor

Lets talk about blogging and why it is extremely important for your website and business. When I am writing content and offering copy writing services for clients or speaking to entrepreneurs this is a question I get asked a lot. How important is it to have a blog on my website, what should I write about and how often should I blog?

Having a blog is important for many reasons but it might not be the reasons you think. In this blog today we are going to discover the benefits of having a blog, how to come up with blogging subjects, how blogging lifts your SEO keywords and building a relationship with your audience.

  1. The benefits of having a blog

There are many benefits of having a blog and the most oblivious one is of course writing for your audience. The more you share on your journey for example your challenges, your celebrations, what’s happening in your company and things you have learnt. The more your audience and future audience will get to know you. That way you will build rapport with them and they will be more likely to remember you, your products and your website.

Another important topic is helping your website rank better through SEO (search engine optimisation). When you are blogging you are using keywords in your blog for your target audience. For example I’m using blogging as my main keyword in this post, which will help pickup this keyword up when someone needs help with their blogging. A tip is to use your main keywords throughout body of the blog without overdoing it, which means that it will be easier for your blog to be found when someone is searching under this subject.

  1. What subjects do I write about?

You are sitting looking at the blank screen knowing you have to write a new blog for your website but you have no idea what subjects to write about. I know everyone has been in this situation before not knowing what to write about.

In order to write about subjects your audience will absolutely love I want you to have a look at your marketing material. When you are promoting your products and services through your marketing, you are selling the benefits you give to your customers. It’s looking at your customer’s biggest challenges and struggles, this is what they would like to read about in your blog. The other way is to interview or ask them what are they struggling with and what do they need solutions to? This will give you so many ideas to write about you won’t have enough time to write everything.

  1. How frequent should you be blogging?

How often should you be writing a blog for your website? I’m not going to give you a direct answer here because there is no one size fits all in business. Some people enjoy writing short direct blog posts of around 200 – 300 words, which take no time to write. It’s easy to post more frequent blog posts on your website because they are short. Maybe you really enjoying writing longer more in depth blog posts which means that you don’t write them as often.

Find a style that suits your talents and the needs of your business. Choose what works, plan how many posts you want to publish per month and schedule it into your calendar like any other task that way you will get it done.

  1. How to get traffic on to your blog

You have this awesome new blog on your website and it’s now time to get people to read it. How do you get more people to read your blog?

Social media channels are a fantastic way to promote your blog and build a new audience of readers. I have certain social media channels I have found successful for my business and what work for my niche market.

These are through Facebook on my own personal page, my business page and Facebook groups I am in which my target market are in. Twitter is a really successful platform to promote your blog when including #hashtags related to your new blog. For example with this blog post I could include a hashtag at the end, for example #blog #womeninbusiness which helps reach my target audience. I have heard of other businesses having success with other social media channels, I challenge you to find the best social media option that work for you and your niche. Also send out a regular newsletter including your latest blog to your audience.

Thank you for joining me to find out about the benefits blogging can bring to your business. I would like to hear from you What do you like most about blogging?


Rebecca RuizRebecca Ruiz is a certified confidence life coach, professional copywriter, blogger, and freelance writer at Life Perceptions based in Perth Australia. She inspires women entrepreneurs through her one on one life coaching to build their self esteem along with their confidence to create more success in their life and businesses. She runs her exclusive invitation only small group program “Mentoring for Success” twice per year.

Rebecca has always being a writer since she was a child and now uses her skills as a professional copywriter. She loves making words come alive by writing web copy, SEO and sales pages that helps women entrepreneurs make more money. She combines her unique style of coaching and copywriting skills to teach women how to write their own copy with confidence. She also loves freelance writing, blogging in her favourite areas of personal development and travel for online magazines.

When Rebecca isn’t working she loves practicing yoga along with sampling gourmet food and wine with her husband.

You can find out more and connect with Rebecca on https://www.facebook.com/lifeperceptions and Twitter.

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3 Replies to “Why Blogging is Important for Your Business by @beck_ruiz”

  1. DNN

    Blogging is also good for people who are in relationships and just had bad relationship breakups. Why? Because people want to read relationship related blogs to further understand their current relationship and know how to handle certain feelings when they arise. And it’s also good for the blogger because that’s pretty much instant traffic from the corners of the Earth such as Pinterest, Twitter, InstaGram, Google search, YaHoO!, and Bing by Micorsoft’s organic search. So yes, relationship bloggers is good business and also nice on the pockets too when it comes to getting that monthly ad income. 🙂

  2. Nikolay Stoyanov

    A really great post Rebecca! I think that everybody should have a blog section, even if they are an eCommerce website. As you stated, it is necessary for your SEO effort. At least, this is an opinion of an SEO expert 🙂

    1. Rebecca Ruiz

      Thank you for comment Nikolay 🙂

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