Why Your Facebook Ads are Costing You More Money Than They are Making by Caz Wilson of @socialkitchenlv

by Caz Wilson | Featured Contributor 
Something I get asked often is “Why isn’t my Facebook ad converting” and “why are Facebook Ads costing me more money than they are making?”
I truly wish that figuring out poor performing Facebook Ads was a simple process, but unfortunately, it isn’t. Facebook Ads are ever-changing but once you have figured out a couple of key factors, they can be a great tool for building your business.
Despite their complexity, at this time, they remain great value for money and a great place to put your marketing dollars. Facebook Ads have incredible targeting capabilities thanks to the data which Facebook has about its users. Therefore having an effective Facebook Ads campaign is incredibly important to ensure that you do not waste money.
Typically you can break down why your Facebook Ad is not working for one of three reasons:
1. Inaccurate Audience
A common problem I see is that business owners go far too broad with their audience selection.
Being selective about your target market will help you narrow down who the ad should be served to. It’s important to mention though that targeting “Interests” doesn’t necessarily mean you’re targeting an audience who directly like the page of a brand, celebrity or influencer. Selecting a particular interest will choose an audience that showed interest maybe by visiting their website, interacting with their social media or liking a post at one time.
It is therefore not recommended to select many audiences when setting up your Facebook Ad. Instead, pick one or two and test those out and see how your ad performs.
2. The image used in the ad
It is worth remembering that when you run a Facebook Ad, you are interrupting somebody scrolling through the newsfeed on Facebook or Instagram. People go to these platforms to be entertained, to catch up with friends and family or to see what is happening with their favorite influencer. Your image has to be incredibly compelling to interrupt somebody’s day-to-day distraction and to make them take notice of your business and what you have to offer.
Bright colors work well, so does a compelling call-to-action within the image. Also remember that when it comes to images on a Facebook Ad, your text has to be at 20% of the image. Click here to use Facebook’s Text Overlay Tool to make sure that the image you are going to use is compliant with Facebook’s rule.
3. Your copy
Even though people love images and video in their Facebook and Instagram feed, they do also read the ad’s copy.
I have tested different copy lengths for ads and have found short copy with headlines that are to the point work well. Conversely, long copy which paints a picture and tells a story works well also.
If you are finding that your Facebook Ad is not performing as well as you would like take a look at these three areas and test different alternatives to your audience, your copy and your image. Do not, however, change all of these at once. Be careful when tweaking your ad, otherwise, you will not know what change produce what result. Instead, adjust one of these and see how that goes. If your ad is literally getting no response after a few days of running, it might be time to go back to the drawing board with your audience, your image and your copy.
Facebook Ads remain one of the key ways to build an online business, a new audience or get your name out into the marketplace. While you should not turn your back on Facebook Ads if you have not had a good experience, you have to be smart and pay attention to these 3 variables as these are the difference between your ads being a money maker, rather than a money pit.

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