Are Women In Business Making Advancements? by @toninelsonbiz

by Toni Nelson

Where do women stand when it comes to business? Are we making advancements?

I wanted to know how things were progressing so I set out to find some figures to share with you.

It was odd because at first I kept finding older stats.

I continued to dig deeper and was really excited that I did because these are encouraging figures. At least I think so.

In the US women owned firms are more likely to offer tuition reimbursement. To me that sounds like education is important to women business owners.

Let’s take a look at volunteering. Women volunteer at least once per month and contribute 31% or more to charity annually. Women are more likely than men to serve in leadership positions when it comes to there volunteer efforts.

Women business owners who have a high net worth contribute more than $25,000 annually to charity and 19% give $100,000 or more. Very generous don’t you think?

As for women owned companies with 100 or more employees that have increased to nearly twice the growth of other companies.

When you run a business you need to be personally involved. Other women entrepreneur’s realize that because 83% are personally involved when it comes to selecting and purchasing technology for their business.

One of the most intriguing figures I found has to do with equality in the work place. When it comes to women owned businesses they employ 52% women versus 48% men. How do the male business owners stack up with this issue? They employ 38% women and (are your ready for this figure?) 62% men. Pretty interesting!

It makes you start looking at all the companies you deal with to see how they fare doesn’t it?

Lastly let’s mention business growth. Between the years of 1997-2012 businesses in the US saw an increase of 37%. When it comes to women owned firms they saw an increase of 54%! That amounts to 1.5 times the national average.

These figures should encourage and motivate you to keep moving forward with your business and it’s goals.

It takes hard work and dedication when it comes to cultivating your business. There is no magic bullet. No magic wand that you can wave.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind
1) Pursue your dreams
2) Make realistic goals for yourself
3) Plan out how you will achieve those goals
4) At the end of every week see if you accomplished your goals
5) Implement strategies that will help you exceed your goals.

If you do you can be part of the increasing numbers who find success in your business.

Be Savvy And Successful!


@toninelsonbiz Toni Nelson Visibility Strategist, Award winning Videographer and Photographer, Creator or The MINE System of Learning, Author of Sexy, Savvy And Successful – A Woman’s Guide On How To Start A Business, Gain Financial Freedom and Buy More Shoes!

For over 27 years Toni Nelson has owned and operated several successful businesses. Since that time she has helped many others achieve their goal of starting and running their own successful business. Seeking to empower woman she wrote her book: Sexy, Savvy & Successful – A Woman’s Guide on How to Start A Business, Gain Financial Freedom & Buy More Shoes! Toni is the creator of The MINE System of learning where she teaches businesses to gain online visibility, stand out from the competition and attract more clients through her video courses. In each of these courses you are virtually lead by the hand to learn and implement the strategies contained therein. Toni’s achievements include: Award winning videographer and photographer, a columnist for a wedding magazine, weddings published in such places as DIY Bride. Toni will Motivate, Inspire, Nurture and Empower you. That’s The MINE System!

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  1. Jessica Huntley

    Great post. I’ve always felt that so much of what it takes to be successful in business are qualities that come naturally to women. Women will continue to make huge strides forward in business and we will all be better for it. I recently read a wonderful book from Joy Chudacoff called ‘What’s Next’. That is one book I think every women in business should read. If you don’t feel empowered and inspired after reading this book, you’ve had it upside down.

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