How Women Can “Polish” Their Entrepreneurship for Extra “Gleam” by @CelineHealy

by Celine Healy

In the early stages of establishing a business, sometimes women may misinterpret what true entrepreneurship is and, may not understand, the underlying spirit of true entrepreneurship. There is a difference between just having a business and being an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs “gleam” whilst business owners might well be in need of a “polish”. Standing out and being noticed because you are different is a key element. “Polishing” is about gaining and mastering new success habits, one at a time. If you want to be considered a “real” entrepreneur, then you need to start “polishing” your entire business.

No female, brilliant as they are, is gifted with every skill necessary to create, organise and manage a business from start-up to a thriving, successful business venture. Unless and until you recognise that there are enormous personal and financial risks involved in marketing and growing that business, it might well stagnate. That means that the business owner, the new entrepreneur, needs to be able to recognise limitations and call for help and outsource to others who are specialists in these areas in which they lack skills.

So, how do you “polish” your entrepreneurship for that extra “gleam”?

1. Firstly, by recognizing those gaps in knowledge and skill sets, asking for help, outsourcing and then developing a future plan of where you want to be at some specified time frame.

When you polish cutlery or the silver goblets or the tea-set, the strategy is to take one item at a time, apply the primer/polish, and then at the appropriate time, after allowing the polish/primer to dry, you then pick up each individual item, one at a time, and “polish” to satisfaction, that one, individual, item. And then you move onto the next item.

When you want to “polish” your entrepreneurship it’s exactly the same process. Rather than throw everything into one sink and try to do the lot at once, you instil one new success habit, one at a time.

As Tony Robbins has said:

Most people have no idea of the great capacity we can
immediately command when we focus all of our resources
on mastering a single area of our lives.”

So, if you stopped to address where you want to be and where you are now, and, have engendered outside support and advice (someone not close to the business), identified the strengths and weaknesses within the entity, then group together those wanted improvements into categories such as: skills set, marketing, business relationships, mindset, external collaborative opportunities, personal health and wellness, business goals and so on, whatever you feel appropriate.

2. The next step is to ask yourself what is the one new success habit I could instigate within each of these areas you have identified? This one new habit in that area that might be the key habit in that category that could well change the course of your particular entity?

Female entrepreneurs are always learning, growing and evolving and are generally willing to undertake new innovative business ideas.

For some women the category identified might be their personal health and wellbeing, particularly their mental health. For others it may be identifying external collaboration via joint venture opportunities that might be the new habit that will propel them to greatness and to a much larger audience. Or, for example, one of the skills that many people identify is their ability to communicate their message, not only in the written word, but also verbally, in small, or group settings.

Many women, who intuitively know that superior communication kills is what sets them apart from others, would choose presentation skills first because everybody admires people who seem to be easily able to express themselves succinctly and with passion, engendering interest from their audience. This aids authority and credibility and makes the female entrepreneur appear to have great clarity of ideas, sound articulate and very knowledgeable.

So, you need to do that for each of your categories identified.

3. Your next task is to intuitively identify out of ALL of those categories that ONE key habit that will have a domino effect on some of the other habits you might have identified. This initial KEY habit that could well propel you into a new level of excellence because it saves you time and effort and gives you the edge, sooner, rather than later.

As Tony Robbins has said that ‘mastering’ a single area ‘expands our capacity to command’.

What have you identified as the ONE, over-arching, master key success habit, that will help you expand your entrepreneurial capacity?

You see, entrepreneurship is not merely starting up a business and taking risks.

There is a certain “flare” that comes with it, of being really good at what you do. And this “flare” is characterized by innovation together with risk-taking, but also, being able to apply that ‘in an ever-changing and increasingly competitive global market place’. (

For women, the “flare” of entrepreneurship gives you the “gleam”, the edge.

But the “gleam” comes from polishing your skills or specific areas of need, instigating and mastering, new success habits, one at a time.

Just keep polishing!


Celine Healy is an Author, Speaker and Coach/Trainer and her latest book: Boost Success in All Areas of Your Life tackles her favourite topic: how to move from stress to success, one step at-a-time. She now consults to corporations on mental health and well-being, helping with productivity and efficiency and reducing staff turnover. Celine uses scientifically researched, tested and proven stress resolution methodologies and software to measure stress. Celine’s website and blog have been voted in the Top 50 Websites and Blogs in the world by for Managing and Reducing Stress.

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