Women in eCommerce: They Nailed It, Can You?

Women in eCommerce: They Nailed It, Can You?

Women in eCommerce: They Nailed It, Can You?


“C’mon, you’re a girl, leave it for men”.

Every woman has heard this kind of phrase at least once in her life. That’s why every time a woman comes to our company to create her own eCommerce business, I’m proud both for women and the place where I’m working.

Today I’ve collected 5 examples of successful women-owned e-commerce businesses to inspire women looking forward to starting an online store but hesitating to make the first step. That’s right, I’ve put “successful” and “women-owned e-commerce businesses” together.


Wilderness Sea n’ Ski

Leanne Garske is one of the owners of Wilderness Sea n’ Ski, a snow ski, water ski, surf, and scuba diving online store in Australia.

The business started over 40 years ago: a few friends enjoyed the snow and water-based sports and they realized they could actually supply the equipment. This is another great example of a hobby turning into a business.

For now, Leanne and her business partners have been selling the equipment online for 12 years.


The Pajama Company

Ellie Badanes, the owner of The Pajama Company online store started her career as a retail buyer in the dress market. But pajamas have always been her passion. In 2004 Ellie started her own e-commerce business, and the business has been growing from year to year ever since.

What can you learn from Ellie’s experience? If you know there’s something you’re interested in but you’re not sure how things work in the niche, don’t hurry. Find a job in a related sphere and learn the basics before you become a business owner yourself.


BFC Creations

Suzan Makalinaw started a website thinking of it as a hobby. And she was amazed when 6 months later it became her real job. It happens with those who are passionate about what they’re doing, have you noticed?

Later Suzan and her son who she works with created designs for machine embroidery and sold them online. People downloaded the designs as digital files and then uploaded them to their home embroidery machines.

In 2011, Suzan founded her own brand of Machine Embroidery Thread.

Suzan was busy all the time, and three years ago she finally realized that an eCommerce store is a must – this is how she reached a wider audience and found more business opportunities.

Suzan’s story shows us that hard but dream work brings you unexpected results like creating your own brand.

Hope I inspired you and you found the answers to your questions. The main answer is “Yes, it’s time to make the first step toward your dream”.


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Veronika is a Marketing Manager at X-Cart. The company provides X-Cart, an open-source eCommerce platform, along with a full range of services for online businesses. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking and reading.




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