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20 calendly competitors and the features they offer

In this article, we will discuss Calendly’s competitors and the features they offer compared to Calendly. So, let’s get started.

Let us first get a clear overview of Calendly and what it is used for, to begin with.


What is Calendly?

Calendly is basically an application that you can conveniently use as a means of appointment scheduling (your personal calendar), setting up meetings and other events in your scheduling process. It is primarily used to eliminate the back-and-forth email sending factor.

With Calendly, you can inform the clients, customers, and prospective about your availability simply with a link that is connected to Calendly even if Calendly is not being used at the other end.


Calendly vs its competitors

Now that we’ve gotten a list of just what Calendly is and what it is used for let’s look at its competitors and the features they offer:


  1. Sprintful 

With its intuitive appointment scheduling platform, Sprintful is without a doubt, hands down, the most intriguing and flexible scheduling software that several freelancers and employees use for their business or personal needs. It allows for video conferencing calls, one-on-one meetings, personalized themes and customized forms etc.


  1. Undock

With Undock, you can simply and quickly set up your meetings, scheduling, hosting, and documenting them within your network. It is user-friendly and understands when you would like to meet and how you would like to meet. In addition, the AI interacts with people across different companies, calendar tools, and even time zones and connects them at a time that is convenient to all. 


  1. HitCal

Hitcal keyboard offers a dynamic approach with a calendar that shows what timing slots are present, and you can check the keyboard in any application. You can find what’s the best slot for you and arrange it accordingly.


  1. Woven

Woven is hands down the fastest method of making time for your tasks. With Woven at your fingertips, you can send links, prepare polling groups or even make your availability known by leaving your calendar.


  1. SuperSaaS Appointment Scheduling Software

SuperSaaS is an application tool for scheduling appoints. It is best used for one-on-one meetings, scheduling resources, events, workshops, sessions, and even conference rooms.


  1. Zynq Scheduler

With this easy-to-use app, you can simply send and schedule meetings with a tap of a button. What’s more significant about it is that it is entirely free.


  1. is a highly high-powered scheduling engine that allows you to connect all your calendars to it and review your preference and availability to match meeting sessions. What’s more, to it is that they offer a forever free-tier.


  1. Catchup Calendar

CatchUp Calendar is a straightforward method of interacting with clients or personnel. It has a well and fully-functional calendar and can also be used to schedule events through the scheduling app, which lets the users make and manage invitations and prepare daily schedules.


  1. Vyte

These next Calendly competitors are respectively similar to Calendly and Doodle. Although it has come late into the industry, it is almost the same when talking about price. In addition, there is a free version available for Vyte.


  1. SavvyCal

SavvyCal enables you to arrange schedules by displaying preferred times, deducing the frequency of meetings, and even customizing whether you’re available or not on a per-link basis.


  1. MeetFox

MeetFox allows you to book and schedule client meetings and has various features like pre-calling questionnaires, is easy to use, and has a possibility of integrated websites.


  1. Remeet

Remeet is used for team meetings and is excellent for remote work as well. It prevents your calendar from being congested, and you can even reduce your 30-minute meeting into a 10-minute meeting through this app.


  1. by 500apps comes with a free trial, which allows you to control your meetings. The features include but are not limited to Event Scheduler, Appointment Scheduler, Meeting Planner, and AI Assistant. 


  1. Elephant

Elephant is a user-friendly app, and you can schedule reminders for yourself and even family and friends. It uses natural language through SMS. 


  1. Doodle

Another great app trending in the app world is Doodle. Calendly vs Doodle: Not only is it available on both Android and iOS, but it’s also a great app to use when scheduling meetings or simply deciding on where to meet with your colleagues, friends, and family. In 2016, it bought Meekan, an AI Chatbot that blends with famous chat collaboration tools like Slack, allowing you to schedule meetings.


  1. Datelist

Mid-level to high-sized businesses use datelist. In just two clicks, you can schedule appointments and use a calendar for booking as well. It has quite a high number of features with booking online, calendar sync, payment page, email/phone reminder system being some of them.


  1. Setmore

This is another app for scheduling appointments and meetings. People use it since it is effortless and offers a neat plan which is free. It is user-friendly, meaning it only takes a couple of minutes to get it up and running, even if you aren’t a tech geek.


  1. is older than its competitor Calendly and was founded in 2008. It has a good number of features and excellent design options too. This is mainly the reason why it’s a great alternative to Calendly.


  1. Wix Bookings

Wix Bookings is one of the best solutions for scheduling. You can make one-on-one group bookings and get payments right from your site along with Google Calendar synchronization. 


  1. was officially introduced in the year 2014 after being launched in Tel Aviv. After a few years, it became available in the online market with the mobile app being launched and for them securing their name as one of the top 15 fastest growing companies in 2018. It is a good competitor when compared with Calendly as it has better internal scheduling techniques.



Now that we’ve come to an end to the 20 best Calendly Alternative and the features that they offer, I would like to ask you the question as to what is the app or tool that you’d like to use from amongst these big names? Would you prefer an alternative to Calendly or would you choose Calendly? While all these names have done well in the market, their main and primary purpose is to please the consumer, ensuring they remain satisfied. Hope you enjoyed this article!





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