3 Reasons Every Entrepreneur Should Have A Media Page by @ChristyALaverty

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by Christy Laverty | Featured Contributor

Do you have a media or press page?

Don’t think you need one?

I believe every business and entrepreneur should have a media page. There are so many benefits to creating and maintaining a media page on your website. A media page certainly makes earning media a little bit easier. It also beefs up your credibility when it comes to customers and clients.  

Here are a few other things a media page does for you and your business.

  1. Let The Media Know You Are Available

    Having a media page in your top menu on your website lets the media know you are media friendly and understand what they might need. Journalists are not your customers so they don’t look at your website in the same way. Creating a media page is a place just for the media, with all the important information they need.  When a news producer or reporter goes to your website and sees a media page tab they know right away you are a promising prospect for a story and that they don’t have to waste time looking for information. Your press/media page will have your contact information, and not just a contact form but your email and phone number, announcements, news releases, and talking topics. Here is an example of the importance of putting your contact information front and center on your media/press page  https://www.canadianmomeh.com/canadianmomeh-in-the-news/


  1. Show Off Your Biz Stuff

    Your media page is a great place to share all the news, announcements, awards, milestones, and events you have to share with the world. Think of this part of your media page as enhancing the narrative of your business. You can share these details in a news release style format that is professional and official. The best part is that these announcements can live on your press/media page and then become searchable and shareable!  Think of this as anything that helps tell that story of you and your business that doesn’t fit with your blog. Here is one example of a company using its media page to showcase important details about the company, including any previous press, photos of celebrities using their products and details about one of their founders https://mabelslabels.com/media-room/


  1. Show Off Your Media Appearances

    Alright, you might be thinking to yourself, I don’t have any media mentions or appearances to post on a media page. And I say…Not Yet! I might also say…ARE YOU SURE? When it comes to posting mentions and appearances I would challenge you to think outside the box. Have you contributed a guest post, done a Facebook or Instagram Live? All of those things are perfect to add to your media page. Any mention, publication, or broadcast you have participated in will help media get a sense of who you are and what you do. This is your chance to show off who you are and toot your own horn. Here is one example of a great of a press page that is showcasing previous media appearances Lydia Di Francesco, personal trainer, and owner of Fit & Healthy 365 shows off her stuff on her media page  http://www.fithealthy365.com/media/


Show Off Your Expertise

Your media/press page also allows you to create a one-page document or PDF that includes all the topics you can speak about. This simple resource will help a journalist see what you can speak about and what they might want to interview you about. It is your opportunity to showcase your expertise. Think outside the box here and don’t just limit yourself to how you serve and help your customers. Think about all the areas of your business and personal life that might apply, for example, your journey as an entrepreneur, what you have learned from your failures, your why, and how you juggle family and business.


Your media page doesn’t have to be complicated. Think about the kind of things a journalist might need to know about you and your company and be sure to include all of that information on your media page. Don’t over think the format of the page, just make sure the key information is there.

Also, your media page is not a set it and forget it kind of thing. Once you create your media page revisit it on a regular basis. Be sure to add to details, including new media appearances and news releases.


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