5 Critical Things That May Be Holding You Back by @DeniseDamijo


by Denise Damijo | Featured Contributor 

Have you ever wondered what was holding you back so you went to a workshop, read a book, or listened to someone who’s core focus was all about the mindset. The mindset is VERY important when you are talking about creating the life, business, or career that you desire. It’s like your heart.

If your heart isn’t pumping or isn’t pumping right, nothing else works properly.

Your mindset is what ties everything together and makes them work in your favor. Each and every one of your organs depend on your heart and like the heart, the right mindset is the juice that fuels everything that you are trying to accomplish.

But if it was your mindset that primarily makes you successful, then everyone that had the right mindset would be living their dreams. The real question is, what is it that is holding people back that have a positive mindset? These 5 critical things  are the (A) to your (Q).

1. Lack of a reversed engineered plan

It is easy to plan something thinking of all of the things that you believe that you will need in the process of reaching your dreams but that is the surest way for you to fail. Being able to create a plan that is reversed engineered is a much more sure way for you to reach your dreams. It is vital for you to understand your end game to understand and plan what it is going to take for you to get there.

2. The thoughts of your own mind

Believe it or not, this is a silent killer. Your own thoughts can be the reason why you are failing. It is a HUGE world out there full of different experiences and opportunities. It’s a reason why we were born into a world full of other people and it wasn’t to just use our own thinking. Our ability to utilize the ideas, creativity, and experiences of others gives us the leverage we all need to be successful. Without it, we will definitely fall short of our dreams.

3. Thinking with your present mindset

Remember from number one I told you that it was vital for you to reverse engineer your desired outcome. Here is where you should insert thinking with a present mind. If you are trying to get to Z, you can’t continue to think like you are while you are still at A. By first reverse engineering your life you can now understand how you would need to think in order to reach and maintain your desired outcome.

4. No mentor no guidance

As much as all of us want to put on our big girl pants and rock everything solo just so that we can say that we did, this can be the main thing that is killing your dreams. It does’t matter what you are going after in life, if you are trying to do it alone, you are already losing, slowly. Having a good mentor can help you to cut time in reaching your goals by helping you to not make as many mistakes, showing you short cuts that you would have never thought about or known, and giving you resources that will blow your mind and accelerate your ability to reach your goals.

5. No Community

This is one of the biggest mistakes. Can you imagine trying to achieve a goal that little to no one you were around believed in or supported. When you are on a journey to achieving your hearts desires, it is imperative that you have the right kind of people around you. The right community will help you to get through some rough and challenging times. They can also be there for you to celebrate your milestones and victories. When no one else understands you, the right community is the ones that will have your back.

We all have dreams and aspirations, and many have fell by the wayside. Your dreams are already hard to achieve. If you can keep these things from holding you back, your journey will be a little shorter, less bump, and much more enjoyable.


denise damijoHello, I’m the Founder & CEO of Denise Damijo International, LLC. where I Run a success business while having a husband and 5 children (3 being under the age of 2) I definitely have earned the title of the Momapreneur’s Business and Lifestyle Strategist.

I have been featured in places like the Huffington Post, Addicted2Success, Women On Business, Elite Daily, Become The Lion, Leaders In Heels, and more. I’m a published author, and the creator of the Rise UP And Win Challenge.

I love helping momapreneurs get clear, get intentional, and get paid by helping them strategize great content, marketing, and sales plans.

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6 Replies to “5 Critical Things That May Be Holding You Back by @DeniseDamijo”

  1. Skip Prichard

    Great tips, Denise. I especially like the last one, community, which isn’t one most would think of. Well said.

    1. Denise Damijo[ Post Author ]

      Thank you Richard. I’m glad that you enjoyed the article. Community is one of the most important. Have a good community can be the difference between your success and failure.

  2. Gigi Rodgers

    I am 100% behind you on the Reverse Engineering plan!
    The big picture looks like you’d have to move mountains, until you break it down into its micro pieces.
    And THAT, the small every day tasks – the process, that you have to execute on, every single day – THAT’S the secret sauce.

    And every day, your confidence is going up a couple of ticks as you surprise yourself, by accomplishing more and more.
    No matter what the age – it’s a SPECTACULAR feeling knowing you can still surprise yourself.
    Next thing you know, that mountain seems a bit “easy” and next thing you know – you’re shooting for the moon.

    You mentioned some good points in this piece. Smart advice that people should REALLY adhere to.

    1. Denise Damijo[ Post Author ]

      Gigi! It is so good to hear from you and I’m glad that you found this
      insightful. You also raised some great points as well. Thank you for your comment! have a productive and successful Year!

  3. Anna Taylor

    Great tips guide, Denise. Thank you! ; )

    1. Denise Damijo[ Post Author ]

      Thank you Anna! I’m glad that you enjoyed the tips in this article!!!

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