6 Halloween Marketing Ideas

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by Donna Amos

October always recalls spooky scenes under a bright full moon, black cats leaping out from behind large, misshapen pumpkins, and rickety old houses that seem to come to life only at this time of year. Yes, Halloween is approaching fast and so are many opportunities to leverage it for your business.

Here are six ideas for Halloween marketing. These you can use to market your products or services during this season to boost your sales.


Create a Halloween spooky logo for your site

To capture a client who is just browsing online, you have only seconds to send out your message. And having a Halloween spooky logo will do the job for you. Logos tend to tell someone all about you in a second. And the fact that it has no words but still speaks volumes should say to you how important they are.

Logos are also easier to remember than company names. It is better than a thousand marketing ideas. Having that unique, attractive, and simple logo is the deal-breaker for you. That is because many customers will browse around merely doing online “window shopping” That is a good thing. And it’s your chance to spook them into buying from you. You can apply this idea to your social media profiles and covers as well.


Create promotions and discounts for your online shop.

Having promotions and discounts for some of your products or services is a great way to sell your products. Offer a discount in exchange for their email address. After all, it is time to trick and treat your clients.

Doing promotions such as buy two of certain products get the third for free is one way to make customers want to shop in your online store.

Having promotions will attract your customer to come again even after this Halloween season and hopefully into the Christmas season..


Offer gifts and giveaways for your customer valid during this festive season.

Giving out gifts and giveaways will attract customers. It will prompt them to shop more to try their luck on winning such rewards for them and their families.  Simultaneously, giveaways can include some of the best stuff that people will enjoy showing off to their friends, such as; mysterious lights, costumes for the entire family, bizarre food, and smoking guns.


Advertise your business and products

There are various platforms that you can use to market your business and your products. It can help you to attract more customers and widen the area to capture your customers. Some platforms you can use to market your online business include; websites, TVs, and radio shows. Not to mention Facebook ads, Google ads and retargeting ads.

Create YouTube videos, It’s easier to attract your next customer if they know what makes you unique. Introduce your business with video advertising a fast way to develop trust. Make those videos do double duty.

Today it can also be affordable to use TV advertising. Most of us trust the brands we see on TV. It is also an excellent opportunity for you to go all out with your wicked ideas. You can create a perfectly creepy and memorable ad.


Incorporate user-generated content

Leave nothing to chance. What better way than using a marketing strategy that customers create. It is a perfect way to involve clients in building your brand.

Getting them involved actively may bring all the tricks and treats to your business.

You can start by hosting a contest. It can be a costume photo, spooky video, or a gift design photo contest, and the winner gets a free coupon. It will surprise you to see the number of likes from both participants and their friends and families.

Fun food – Halloween snacks are always creative ground, and trading pics and recipes is great fun. Sponsor a recipe-sharing frenzy on your website or social media.

You can also get active on social media asking for captions. The contest may be the best caption for a spooky holiday gift. There are plenty of ideas that will amaze you. Use unique hashtags for participation so you can track and monitor.


Write a seasonal blog post.

Many people search for ideas online. And during this spooky season, it is no different. Content marketing is a perfect way to bring your products to the light of your potential client. It would be best if you had a blog on your content marketing site.

You can write about the top gift ideas and market your products in the process. The blog post includes an image of the gift, the pricing, and why it is the best, and you can also do the same for spooky decorations and costumes. Use keywords to help make it get found in search. That way, when people search for that keyword, your site appears on the search engine results page.

You will be able to generate more traffic this way. When someone reaches your post and finds what they have been looking for, you just earned your first organic traffic. From your suggestions, more products from your store will appeal to them. And that means more sales.



The ideas you can come up with for marketing your products are numerous. There’s no end to the list. But what stands out is how much people spend during the holidays. And as such, it is vital to take advantage of the situation and boost your returns. Coming up with creative ideas can help you reach this goal. From the article, you can integrate one or two ideas to make the season perfect for you. Or use these ideas and add a couple of your own. Why not? You deserve to make the best out of the Halloween season. Don’t forget to tie this campaign into your Thanksgiving and Black Friday campaigns.




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