5 Amazing Photo Editing Apps to Beautify Your Next ‘Selfie’

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10 Replies to “5 Amazing Photo Editing Apps to Beautify Your Next ‘Selfie’”

  1. Markus

    Hi everybody. This is a quite useful review. Good job! You can’t edit all kinds of “bad” photos with one app. Some apps are good to correct light in poorly lit photos, some are great for skin retouching, some have great artistic filters and cool effects just to have fun while editing. But i use none of them if i need a serious photo correction. For serious purposes i would recommend professionals https://geniusretouch.com/, because you want your picture to look like it has not been corrected at all.

  2. Shweta singh

    It’s very informative article for android users.

  3. Jana

    I am using PicsArt mobile photo editing app, so far I am very much pleased with the range of filters and editing tools the app provedes and also recommend all to try! Certainly these are very helpful tips, have never heard of pixtr, will try it then!


  4. attechblog

    Hi there,
    I am using perfect365 but u give nice suggestions surely try it Thanks

  5. Amber Alvi

    Thanks Melissa. I thought of sharing this as a lot of people still don’t know about the many apps to make their pictures better especially their selfies. I am glad you liked it 🙂

  6. Amber Alvi

    Hey Mandi,

    It’s very sad that your husband can’t take your beautiful photos but I think my piece is gonna be very helpful for him. I’d love to see your pictures processed with these apps 🙂

    Mandi, all the listed apps are awesome but my personal favorite is PhotoWonder.

    Don’t forget to share your awesome pics 🙂


    1. Gary Jones

      Hello everyone,

      We are very excited with the release of new version of SnapsBoard Android and iOS apps with photo enhancement widgets:
      1) Adjust light & brightness on photos
      2) Add color effects
      3) Add text and frames to the photos
      4) Rotate photos
      5) Crop (resize photos)

      App is completely free. Download from Apple’s App store or Google’s Play store, web http://www.SnapsBoard.com.

      Please let us know your feedback.


  7. Mandi @ DIYCraftPhotography

    Ooh, these apps sound super awesome. I had no idea photo editing apps had gotten so powerful!

    My poor husband can’t take a photo to save his life, so what few photos I have of myself are almost all selfies! I’ll have to try out some of these apps! Do you have a favorite from this list?

    1. Melissa Stewart

      Totally agree Mandi! I had no clue!!

      Thanks SO much Amber for sharing with She Owns It!

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