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Be Kind to yourself

by Amanda Hoffmann  | Featured Contributor

Speaking from the mindset of an entrepreneur, I have a habit of taking on more and more responsibilities and juggling multiple balls at once. I am unwilling to delegate, after all no one else can do what I do.

While I believe that positive affirmations, goal setting and achieving milestones is important, they can be destructive. Your secular work be it for an employer or self employed should never take you away from the unconditional love of your family and a select circle of gorgeous friends.

Just as a dear close friend sat me down out of love and concern. I would like you to sit down and read this article.

Be Kind to Yourself

Reflect on your life as it is now and ask:

“Am I being kind to myself?”

Set aside time for you

How often do you set some time aside just for you?
It could be slipping on the running shoes and going for an early morning walk.
Getting up early to read a book
Booking in time to see a movie or see a play/concert.

It doesn’t matter “what” the activity is, for your own well being set aside time EVERY day for YOU.

Spend time with your family

It’s easy to get into the rut of work, work and more work!
As a mother of four school aged children, can I remind you, that they are not going to stop growing because you are busy.

Signs that you are too busy:
* No idea if homework is done or not
* Haven’t spoken to a teacher
* Who are your kid’s friends?
* Not read a school newsletter in a month

If you are at a loss how to connect with your children, Michael Stelzner’s website My Kid’s Adventures was designed exclusively for this purpose.

If you are not a mother, when was the last time you and your significant “other” went out for a picnic, dinner, movie or some other activity?

When was the last time you visited family interstate or drove to see them on the weekend.

Do you call your mum & dad as an adult every week or at least each month?

Failing to do any of the above are “red flags” to say, you are too busy.

Keep in touch with your friends

As an entrepreneur we are so goal orientated that taking time out for a coffee or have lunch with a friend can be forgotten.

To be productive, write great blog posts and continue with motivation we need to STOP!

I wrote an article on LinkedIn about “Be Kind” the top 5 regrets expressed by people about to die.

I have learnt that work, goals and achievements will always be there for you to return another day.

Our family and friends due to many human factors, may not be.

Cherish them, find the time to spend quality time with them and avoid the bitterness of regret.

Bottom line, “Be kind to yourself”


Amanda Hoffmann – Sensational Entrepreneur, Bookkeeper Extraordinaire and loves Social Media

Amanda HoffmannHi, I’m Amanda Hoffmann and live in Brisbane, Australia. I am passionate about business and social media. I currently juggle being a mother of four school-aged children and run three businesses in completely different fields. While challenging, I believe they keep me thinking outside of the box. I have always loved being busy and I believe it is a mixture of my “can do” attitude and loving life that allows me to accomplish so much. Oh, not liking to sleep much certainly does help!

I started managing my first business over 18 years ago but sold it when I decided to start a family. I was unable to envision at the time how I could run a business and still be a dedicated mother. Since I now run three businesses and have a large family, I have found being organised and prioritising is the secret to success.

What are my businesses you might ask? My Office Books Virtual Bookkeeping, Kidd House Accommodation specialising in fully furnished accommodation for both students and professionals and Co-Founder of a new Social Media start-up called The Likeability Company helping SME’s get the most out of using social media and building communities.

I would like to share my experience in small business and answer any questions you might have regarding office organisation, cloud technology and share my experience in property investment.

I personally am fascinated by social media, particularly the fast pace of twitter and exploring the world of blogging. I invite you share my journey and get to know each other.


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