Are you prepared to speak for FREE? Top 3 tips to change your speaking model for the association ad trade show market


Over the past year, the Event industry has changed….alot. This has affected Speakers, especially those that wish to speak to the association and trade markets. With the advent of Hybrid events, Meeting Planners are finding there are even more Speakers to choose from, all with impressive qualifications and presentation skills, most are established professionals within the industry who are also willing to speak for free to raise awareness for their brand and the leads it can generate for future business.

Below are a few tips for Speakers to embrace this change and use speaking as a marketing tool for private company training, coaching and consulting.

  1. List access/Giveaway. One way Speakers can utilize a free event is to ask for a copy of the attendee list or the opportunity to giveaway a prize. Create your own lead forms that have one or two pertinent questions with multiple choice answers (if its a virtual event, you can create an online survey with Wufoo for free), name, phone number and email. Once you collect these, choose the winner and you have all the lead forms you can follow up with after the event.
  2. Back of the room selling. Ask the meeting planner if you are able to sell your books, DVD’s, or products in the room. Most planners have no issue with this and its a great way to make some money instantly. If you don’t have any products to sell, consider writing a book, creating an audio program, or find a wholesaler who can offer products that fit into your niche. For example, if you are a stress management speaker, you could sell stress balls, journals, stuffed animals, wellness products, the possibilities are endless.
  3. Incorporate media attention during the event. Make sure you send press releases out to local radio, TV and print publications in the area the event in being held. Sometimes, you can secure an interview while you are in town, its great publicity for you and the event and it can generate business leads as well.


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