Author: Donna Amos

Donna Amos is passionate about helping Solopreneurs grow their business using everything digital and publishing. She has 30 years experience in sales and marketing for small business. She believes the best gift you can give another is a word of encouragement.

Social Media Trends to Watch in 2020

by Donna Amos | Featured Contributor  There are trends that are occurring in social media that business owners can take advantage of to help them grow their businesses. As changes take place on platforms, it may benefit business owners to stay current on the changes so that you don’t use outdated practices that no longer […]

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5 Lead Generation Strategies for Solopreneurs

by Donna Amos There are tons of ways solopreneurs can make money online and offline, thanks to powerful digital technology, affordable mobile devices and the internet. And many of these micro-businesses can be started on a shoestring budget of under $1,000 – or even under $100! As long as your lead generation efforts are bringing […]

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Video Marketing Strategies

  by Donna Amos The video revolution has completely transformed how we consume content. Now, information is delivered in a visual, entertaining, and even interactive manner that engages users better than any other medium. Video is also a natural storytelling medium, making it both compelling and persuasive. These combined elements are why video advertising is so successful. Let’s […]

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20 Business Ideas for Solopreneurs

by Donna Amos According to, 73% of all US-based businesses are solo, or solopreneur, businesses. reports that there are over 23 million sole proprietorships currently operating in the United States, making it by far the most popular form of business ownership. And that number is reportedly on the rise as more people become disenchanted with […]

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7 Expert Blogging Tips for 2020

by Donna Amos Blogging is on fire! In fact, social media and SEO expert Neal Schaffer claims that, “Blogging is as effective a marketing tool as ever. In fact, it’s supercharged.” A recent study by Data Box, entitled “The Shift in Your Content Marketing Mix: 25 Marketers On What’s Changed in 2 Years” showed that 68% of […]

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How to Prospect for New Clients

by Donna Amos Prospecting for new clients can be a difficult task for solopreneurs or small businesses, especially when your company is brand new. But even old hands mostly admit to struggling with getting new clients. While no business or solopreneur ever admitted to having enough or “too many” clients, most still struggle to prospect […]

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Influencer Marketing for Solopreneurs

by Donna Amos Word of mouth marketing is still a powerful method for a single reason: it works. Consumers trust the word of other authentic consumers about what they have bought and used or services they have enjoyed. Influencer marketing is based on this fact. And because the average online user suffers through approximately 3,000 brand […]

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5 Productivity Tips for Busy Solopreneurs

by Donna Amos First of all, let me correct the title of this article. “Busy solopreneurs” is completely redundant. If you’re a solopreneur who is not busy, the word to better describe you is BANKRUPT. The very word solopreneur means“entrepreneur who does it all.” But we all know that solopreneurs can use help with increasing […]

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Top 10 Apps Solopreneurs Need

by Donna Amos Solopreneurs enjoy countless benefits, but one of their struggles is handling every aspect of their business themselves. managing appointments, paying bills, creating proposals, sorting out taxes, following up with leads, and managing stress. Thankfully, there are numerous business apps available, many of them with free versions, to help busy solopreneurs. Here’s a […]

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