Author: Maria Brittis

Hey my name is Maria Brittis. I’m from Coastal South Carolina area. Being a mom, wife and running a successful medical practice has not been an easy task. But I enjoy the challenge. To keep things balance in life.. I do things that I feel passionate about and that is decorating and DIY.. I love decorating with nature inspired ideas and writing about it in my Blog…. Nature is a big part of who I am and it has given me a sense of peace in life when things are crazy! I walk daily a few miles a day and its the most inspiring way to get ideas for projects . I started decorating and doing DIY’s at a very young age, mainly because my mom was very talented crafty lady who inspired me to decorate and make crafty projects. 23 years ago when my husband and I was trying to sell a home in a bad economy I saw this article about staging a home and decided to stage my home to what I thought people would like. Keeping the decor simple and adding crafty inspired projects which created a WOW factor got people talking and it sold our home. Since then we have successfully bought and sold numerous homes and it has been great fun. If you have any questions about DIY ideas for the home,  design/build or staging home. I would be more than happy to answer any questions. Simple Nature Decor Blog

How To Maintain a Zen Feel When Juggling Too Much!

We all experience some form of anxiety when we are pressed to get things done. Unfortunately I experience this on a weekly basis and learned some wonderful techniques to help me relax at work.   1. Meditation. Is the first thing I do when I wake up. I was fortunate enough to have parents who […]

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Happy House Happy Life: Tips On Decluttering

  by Maria Brittis  I don’t know about you, but I’m not fond of clutter. I cringe when I see things laying around my house, car or office! I love a organized home! Cleaning and organizing is very therapeutic for me. If your place needs to be decluttered and you keep putting it off. My answer […]

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Building Your Dream Home With Out Breaking The Bank

  Dreaming of building a beautiful home, but think you can’t afford one. We’ll with a little leg work and research it can be done. You soon will discover that there are quality builders out there that will not charge a premium to build your home. Especially in a hot market.   Dream Property…   […]

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