Author: Melinda Massie

Melinda is the sassy, redheaded best friend you always wanted. Called everything from slave-driver to life-saver to organizing ninja, her natural organizing skills and vivacious attitude will make getting organized suck less. Melinda works with mildly cluttered to mildly hoarded people all over the country. She’s also teamed with extreme-cleaning crews to safely clear out massive clutter situations. She was named “Best Personal Organizer” by Fort Worth, TX Magazine and her tips have been featured in Shape, Woman’s Day, and WeTV as well as many other local and national publications. When not clearing clutter, Melinda enjoys performing as a supernumerary with the Fort Worth Opera, yoga, cooking, and eating indulgent food, and believes that champagne is meant for the everyday.

Own Your Hot Mess

  Last month I talked about switching your perspective in the approach to anything negative – especially clutter. There’s also another very important step that we all have to take before we can truly deal with and release said clutter. Sunshines, it’s time to own your hot mess. Now I know that it’s easier to […]

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Switch Your Perspective

  I’ve been conducting a personal experiment this year. I’m working on changing my perspective and purposefully indulging in what doesn’t necessarily seem indulgent. Here’s the thing. We’ve been conditioned to think that “work” is “work” so it should suck. “Fun” is “fun” and so it certainly ISN’T work, and never the twain shall meet. […]

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Transitioning with Grace

  It’s the start of a new year and with that always comes the hope of creating the new. Now, I absolutely LOVE this kind of energy, but let’s be realistic … most New Year’s resolutions die out with the sparkle of the flattening champagne. I’m going to encourage you to try something a little […]

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Stop Delaying and Suck it up, Buttercup

Procrastination feels good, right? It must or we wouldn’t do it. Sunshines, cut that crap out. Stop delaying the inevitable. One of the worst things you can do in facing your clutter is to not actually face it. There’s a phrase my clients hear a LOT when they don’t want to do something. So often […]

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If You Go Clutter Free for Only One Reason, This Needs to be It

  As well as I can bring lightheartedness and fun into the dirty and emotional task of extreme clutter, I also need to be bluntly honest at times…even when it’s unpleasant. Today will be one of those days, Sunshines. I’m passing out crash helmets as we speak. If you have a serious amount of clutter, […]

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What NOT to do When You’re Up to Your Eyeballs in Clutter

  Oh so often the biggest hurdle my clients have to overcome is the fear of making the wrong decision or doing things incorrectly. They get so concerned with doing things the “right way” that they end up doing nothing.  I always tell them that there is no specific “right way” or “wrong way” to […]

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Busy Is Bullsh—er, for the Birds

  Teaching ballroom dance is some of the best psychological training on the planet. You wouldn’t think it, but working with people in such a physical and personal way leads to very personal conversations, much like my current work. One of the most important things I learned during my time as a dance teacher is […]

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Sentimental Is Fabulous When You Mean It, or: My Dance Shoes Are My War Buddies

  When someone first comes to me, there is usually a little to a LOT of anxiety that I’m going to make them get rid of everything. This is, of course, never the case and I always joke with them that I’m not “a completely heartless witch.” Even if gingers are rumored not to have souls. […]

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