Switch Your Perspective

Switch Your Perspective


I’ve been conducting a personal experiment this year. I’m working on changing my perspective and purposefully indulging in what doesn’t necessarily seem indulgent.

Here’s the thing. We’ve been conditioned to think that “work” is “work” so it should suck. “Fun” is “fun” and so it certainly ISN’T work, and never the twain shall meet.

I don’t buy that. If you’re a fellow entrepreneur, I’m betting you don’t either.

I do what I do because I love it. I have to do it. To get all cheesy about it, helping people let go of their clutter is ABSOLUTELY my calling. And you know what? We have a TON of fun doing it! However, because I run my business from home, I also feel like if I’m home then I should be working. So if I don’t get out of my pajamas or robe or even bother getting out of bed, I suddenly feel like the biggest, laziest slacker in the world. Even if everyone who knows me will say the complete opposite.


Yet with a simple change in perspective:

  • Because I work from home, I can luxuriate in working from bed. I can declare this to be a working-from-bed day. (I may have even written this article from bed!)
  • I can luxuriate in not getting out of my bathrobe.
  • I can luxuriate in working from home while wearing luscious pajamas.
  • I can indulge in a glass of wine with lunch and then take a nap. Or have “snow day” Bloody Marys with a friend while we discuss the next steps for our respective businesses.

And guess what? Changing my perspective makes all the “work” feel less like work and more like play and fun and fabulousness! I’ve even found that I’m actually SIGNIFICANTLY more productive and less prone to procrastinating with this simple switch.

So how can we apply this to your clutter?


Set the scene.

Imagine how you’d arrange your schedule if you wanted to read a really great book. You’d find a quiet space, pour yourself something to drink, and maybe put on some great music in the background. Do the same for getting organized. Make an appointment with yourself to address the clutter and put it on your calendar. Clear the distractions and choose the area you want to work on. Then pick out your music, grab yourself a beverage–be it water, coffee, or a cocktail–and get to work.


Flip the script.

Dealing with the clutter can really feel like drudgery – especially if we have a huge amount to deal with. Instead of getting all cranky that it takes too long or you’d rather be doing something more “fun,” think of this as an investment in your sanity. Imagine how good it will feel to have the task done and behind you. Imagine how quickly and easily you’ll be able to accomplish important tasks because you know where to find all the tools you need. This time is an investment in yourself and that is ALWAYS good. Most importantly, have fun with it. Make jokes. Make fun of yourself! I crack jokes with my clients all.the.time. Find 30 pair of tweezers? “Well, sweetheart, how many pairs of eyebrows do you have?” Escoffier cookbook that has been chewed by rats? “They couldn’t help themselves. They like good food, too.” So overwhelmed that you just don’t know what to do anymore? “Lighter and a blow torch?”

Disclaimer: don’t do that. Insurance companies frown upon arson, Sunshine.

Point is, you can laugh, or you can cry about it. Laughter feels better, and it makes the tedious task at hand SO much better.


Take in the memories.

You’re going to come across SO MANY memories, good and bad. Take them all in. Relish the good ones. Accept and release the bad ones. One unexpected aspect of finally dealing with our clutter is that we’re going to relive and re-hash much of our past. Luxuriate in that. Just make sure not to dwell too long.  (It’s also why we want to make an appointment with ourselves and clear the other distractions. We need the space for the memories to float through.)


Celebrate each and every win.

For every single area you clear, be it an inch or an entire room, celebrate. Jump up and down like a cheerleader.  (Yes, I’ve done this for my clients…and I still have my high kick!) Turn that music up and yell “DANCE BREAK!” while you dance around the room. Take pics and post your accomplishments on social media for others to celebrate with you. I LOVE seeing pics of my friends’ accomplishments. Or maybe you’d rather celebrate quietly with a glass of champagne, a long hot bath, or a well-earned nap. No matter what your choice, mindfully acknowledge and luxuriate in the fact that you’re celebrating your successes.

With a simple change of perspective, we can get more accomplished and feel better doing it. What perspective can you change today?



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