Own Your Hot Mess by @melindamassie

Own Your Hot Mess

Melinda Massie | Featured Contributor

Last month I talked about switching your perspective in the approach to anything negative – especially clutter. There’s also another very important step that we all have to take before we can truly deal with and release said clutter.

Sunshines, it’s time to own your hot mess.

Now I know that it’s easier to lay blame elsewhere. My husband doesn’t care what the house looks like. The kids are cute, little chaos creators that leave their toys all over the house. My maid ran away with the neighbor’s butler and the place just hasn’t been the same since.

However the truth is that our actions got us to this place. Perhaps we didn’t express how important it is to us that the home is tidy. Maybe we didn’t create systems so the kids know where to put their things. Did we ever tell the maid that she’s so greatly appreciated and ask her to please not run away from us in the middle of the night?

Whatever actions or inactions we’ve been doing have put us in the exact place we are now. So while it may be challenging to take ownership of the hot mess, a beautiful thing happens when we do.

When we know and own that our actions got us here, we also know without a doubt that our actions can fix it.

Confidence in your abilities to dig yourself out is vital to the process and your success. I know without a doubt that with the right attitude and game plan, you can do it. But if you don’t think you can do it, no amount of my help will work.

Now I know that if you’ve been casting blame onto others for years, this will be very challenging to accept. For those that are cluttered due to illness or other events truly out of your control, you didn’t even have a choice in the actions that led to the hot mess. However, this exercise isn’t about dwelling in the past or beating ourselves up over letting our home get to its current state.  We no longer participate in the blame game – of ourselves or others. We accept these actions/inactions as part of the past and move forward without the mental whippings. No good can come of that anyway.

So Sunshines, it’s time to own your hot mess! This way, you can turn it around and create a fabulous home in its place!


Melinda Massie – Professional Organizer of Organizing with a Side of Fabulous – Ft. Worth, TX

Melinda Massie headshot - croppedMelinda is the sassy, redheaded best friend you always wanted. Called everything from slave-driver to life-saver to organizing ninja, her natural organizing skills and vivacious attitude will make getting organized suck less.

She’s on a mission to prove that being organized has nothing to do with bins and labels. And it definitely isn’t about perfection. Organization is about addressing what is standing in your way so you can let go of the excess clutter and create the home that supports your dreams and goals. Her education in advertising and marketing means she can guide you past the common traps in today’s mass consumerism “stuff” culture (you know, the b.s. that leads to unwanted purchases and excess clutter) while her former careers in professional ballroom dance and event planning means she still likes to make everything sparkle.

Melinda works with mildly cluttered to mildly hoarded people all over the country. She’s also teamed with extreme-cleaning crews to safely clear out massive clutter situations. She was named “Best Personal Organizer” by Fort Worth, TX Magazine and her tips have been featured in Shape, Woman’s Day, and WeTV as well as many other local and national publications.

When not clearing clutter, Melinda enjoys performing as a supernumerary with the Fort Worth Opera, yoga, cooking and eating indulgent food and believes that champagne is meant for the everyday.

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