Author: Yvonne English

Yvonne English is a self-professed startup geek who lives in Western Pennsylvania. Having founded several companies of her own, she has also coached multiple startups through raising millions, dealing with founders’ dilemmas, and maneuvering through acquisitions. She loves working with founders who are passionate about making the world a better place and serves a portfolio of startup clients that match that criteria. Before finding her niche in entrepreneurship, Yvonne spent time in the corporate world in Canada and the US. While she made some great friends and learned a lot, she couldn’t come to terms with a lifetime career in a large company. After much self reflection, she made the leap and founded a business incubator in 2010 where she coached 21 companies during her five years at the helm. She is now the Executive Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Grove City College. Yvonne loves technology, teaching, theatre, traveling, and spending time with her friends and family. She’s married to an amazing guy, Kyle, and has a quirky little dog who prefers to be called by her full name – Juno English. She also loves to meet new people, so please connect:  LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram | Website .

Crafting a Killer Elevator Pitch

  by Yvonne English  | Featured Contributor The elevator pitch is a basic building block for any entrepreneur starting a business. You never know when someone might ask about your business, and you need to be ready as you never know where that conversation can take you. Whether that person is a potential customer, strategic […]

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Stupid Things People Say About Entrepreneurship

  by Yvonne English   “Do What You Love, and You’ll Never Work a Day in Your Life” and Other Stupid Things People Say About Entrepreneurship I have the privilege of teaching entrepreneurship to undergrad students. One thing that really upsets me is when one of those students ends up in my office in tears […]

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Cofounding with Family: How to Avoid #AwkwardHolidayDinners

  by Yvonne English So, you’re going to start a business! Congrats! (Insert confetti here.) Assuming that you’re not going it alone, the next decision is whether or not you’re going to bring on a cofounder. Since you’re looking to partner with someone you trust and know well, it makes sense to choose a family member, right? […]

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Welcome (a)Board: Advisors 101

    by Yvonne English  If you’re like most entrepreneurs, I probably don’t need to convince you that you need good advisors in order to reach your potential. The problem is that most entrepreneurs have no idea how to find that elusive figure: the perfect advisor.   Step One: Identify the Type of Advisor Needed Identify your needs. […]

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