Sexual Fitness For Success

Sexual Fitness For Success by @MelissciousT

by Melissa Traynor | Featured Contributor

From landing the partner of your dreams to landing that perfect deal, success in general, relies greatly on confidence and conviction in what being a woman means. What it means to be a woman will be defined differently by each of you, and absolutely should, but there is one fairly misused and misunderstood necessity that seems to cross the majority. This necessary tool that empowers us greatly if we embrace it accordingly, is having a good ground of sexual fitness.

Sexual Fitness For Success

We live in a society of overwhelming media portrayal of unrealistic and unREAL bodies and ageless women, who claim otherwise which is where the problem lies. Women’s lack of confidence starts and, unfortunately for most finishes, at how we look and this crosses many borders outside of the bedroom. Confidence breeds and feeds success and to be confident and comfortable in your own skin, with your own sexuality, is your first step.

Think I am lying on how much this seemingly trivial aspect may be the chain holding you back? I am not sure who the lucky people were who got to take part in the research studies but yup there is actual validity to what I’m saying (read this if you want more proof

Aside from the myriad of benefits of being confident in your own skin to stand tall and to own your days (and nights), having sex to orgasm and even better with a partner, can actually help you to be more successful too. When we orgasm we release a stress reducing hormone called oxytocin which is even higher when we don’t just have sex, but share intimacy (1). Reduce your stress levels and you will find yourself mentally and physically healthier with more energy to be productive, not just busy. Productivity equates to success.

Sexual fitness means that you are comfortable and confident in your own skin but don’t let your exterior define you, control you or use it to control others. It means that you are mentally and physically in love with yourself first so others can than fall in love with you (or your ideas).


1. Neumann, I. D. (2008). Brain oxytocin: a key regulator of emotional and social behaviours in both females and males. Journal of neuroendocrinology, 20(6), 858-865.


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