25 Things All Super Successful Bloggers Have in Common


by Diana Adams 

These days, it seems like almost everyone is a blogger. According to Google, “74,652,825 sites out there are depending on good ol’ WordPress. That’s one site per person in Turkey.” If you read a ton of blogs every day like I do, you’ve noticed that some bloggers stand out from the crowd. They have more mojo than the average blogger. They seem to have the magic touch when it comes to attracting readers and attention.

What do super successful bloggers do that is different from everyone else? I can’t claim to know for sure what the answer is; however, based on what I’ve observed from all the successful bloggers I know, there seems to be a trend. There do seem to be some things that are common amongst successful, influential bloggers.

After thinking about it more today, I decided to compile a list of 25 common traits shared by successful bloggers. When I finished the list, I was surprised at how many of these things also mirror successful entrepreneurs. Perhaps it’s all the same mindset and same approach to life. I hope you enjoy this list.


25 Things All Super Successful
Bloggers Have in Common

1. They are laser-focused on their blogging goals. They don’t allow themselves to get distracted.

2. They are visionaries and have a clear picture of where they want their blog to be in five years.

3. They love to write, and they are dammmn good at it.

4. They know how to do social media right, and they have mastered the art of social media self-promotion without being lame.

5. They become an expert in their niche and increase their influence.

6. They project positivity. They have a genuine interest in contributing to the blogging community in a positive way.

7. They take their blogging seriously. They are committed. They become master planners and always make time for their writing.

8. They surround themselves with positive, high-energy people. Like @MelissaOnline tweeted, “Your mind is multimillion-dollar property. Screen your tenants very carefully.”

9. They develop a rock-solid reputation and build on it every day.

10. They have the necessary blogging tools they need: A laptop, a fast Internet connection, blogging apps, etc.

11. They are genuinely likable people. If they aren’t that way naturally, they learn how to become more likable.

12. They have a good attitude. They think like a champion.

13. They are persistent and work hard. They are always able to keep moving forward regardless of obstacles, adversity, and difficulties that might be standing in their way.

14. They are trustworthy. Their readers depend on them for factual information.

15. They give credit where credit is due.

16. They are friendly and engaging with their readers.

17. They are detail-oriented. They check each post to be sure the formatting, grammar and other details are correct before publishing.

18. They are patient. They understand that it takes time to earn respect as a blogger, and they are in it for the long haul.

19. They are thick-skinned. They can take criticism without falling apart and questioning themselves.

20. They know how to network. They understand the importance of relationship building and its effect on their success as a blogger.

21. They are good listeners and respect the opinions of others (i.e. in comments on their posts).

22. They never stop learning. The blogosphere is a moving target. They don’t get too comfortable. Instead, they stay on the edge of what’s happening each day.

23. They are skilled money managers. This is required in order to give the proper time and attention to their blogging, especially in the beginning.

24. They aren’t trying to get paid for each hour they work. Instead, they think like an entrepreneur. They look at the big picture of what they are creating long-term. They are adaptive and open to change.

25. They read a lot and write a lot. Stephen King, one of the bestselling authors of all time, gave advice to aspiring writers at Yale in 2003. He said in order to be a great author (blogger), you have to read a lot and write a lot. There are no shortcuts.

Please let me know in the comments below if you think of anything else that needs to be added to this list. I’m even more inspired to blog now. Thank you for reading my post!




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14 Replies to “25 Things All Super Successful Bloggers Have in Common”

  1. Anita Stout

    Great post. Lot’s of practical tips. I love the be patient and don’t expect to get paid for every hour worked. I’ve yet to monetize my blog and maybe I love it even more as a result. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Diana Adams

      It’s a labor of love for sure. Our blogs are like an online diary. I can go back through my thousands of posts and know exactly what I was going through in my life at the time I wrote each one. Yes, I can completely understand how you would love your blog regardless of monetization. And, having that attitude about it will probably make it easier to monetize if you ever decide to get aggressive about making that happen someday. LOL Thank you for stopping by, Anita. 🙂

  2. Patti

    Good job Diana

    1. Diana Adams

      Thank you, Patti. 🙂

  3. Brian Washburn

    Argh. I meant to say:

    26. THEY (not “The”) post interesting…

    I guess I need to keep working on #17…

    1. Diana Adams

      It happens to the best of us! Like freelance writer @CarlaYoung says, don’t sweat that small stuff! 🙂

  4. Brian Washburn

    26. The post interesting and informative lists from time to time!

    #18 is sooo important. As I get older and crankier I struggle more and more with #11 (get off my lawn!!).

    Great post. It’s fun to read things on this list I have working in my favor… and interesting to think about things I need to tighten up. Thanks for putting the list together!

    1. Diana Adams

      Thank you, Brian! I really appreciate your comment. Thank you for reading my article. I wonder sometimes if anyone really reads all the stuff I write, so I sincerely thank you for doing that. hahahaha 🙂 I hope you have an amazing weekend!

  5. Ze Luis

    Great post. I will try use this tips in my blog.

    One question: What you think about to use the system of comments like Disqus?

    1. Diana Adams

      Thank you, Ze. About Disqus, I really like it. The team on this blog doesn’t use it obviously, but I personally like Disqus a lot. 🙂

  6. Brandi Starr

    Great post Diana. Any suggestions for getting past not loving to write?

    1. Diana Adams

      Thank you! If you don’t love to write, you probably don’t blog as consistently as you’d like. I recommend recruiting some guest writers to help you out. 🙂

  7. Sharla Rae

    Great blog. Now I could be so diligent! 🙂

    1. Diana Adams

      Thank you, Sharla. 🙂

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