End the Feast to Famine Cycle in Your Business! by @womensbusinessa

Photo Credit: xiangxi via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: xiangxi via Compfight cc

by Jane Willmott

It’s annoying right living in a space where you live sale to sale, client to client? You’re essentially in a feast to famine cycle, when you’ve got clients and sales it’s amazing but then when they finish you’re back in that place with nothing frantically trying to get sales again.

You go from being on this ridiculous high when you’ve got clients and money coming in to a frustrating low when they’ve gone and you’ve got nothing lined up, essentially you’re starting this whole cycle over and over and over again.

But I bet you’re desperate to break out of it too? If you could just get them lined up, even if it was only a couple that would be a start right?

Living in the feast to famine cycle isn’t great and I know it’s a situation many of my clients have found themselves in before they come to work with me. It’s actually not that hard of a cycle to break you just need to have a system in place that essentially warms up leads for you even while you’re sleeping. Now of course depending on what your business is depends on what you’re system looks like, if you have a business where people go onto your website to buy then your system doesn’t just warm up leads while you sleep but it even converts them too, which results in you making sales wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!

But even if you’re business isn’t set up for that, your business may be more high end where people have to have some sort of consult with you first, a system can still be used to warm up the leads and get them booked on for a chat with you even while you’re travelling the world.

So what on earth does this system look like?

Easy really

1. Get yourself an irresistible freebie!

What is one of those? Basically you give them something in return for their email address, it could be an ebook, a challenge, a video series, a checklist etc basically you create something that you know is going to appeal to your ideal clients and in return you get their email address. Use your irresistible freebie to build your list. Don’t forget it’s really important to know what your ideal clients would want, so you need to make sure you understand them and their pain points, then you can create a freebie based around them.

2. Build your sales funnel

So they’ve signed up to your list, they’ve downloaded your freebie, they’ve seen that you’ve got the knowledge to help them but now it’s time to warm them up a bit, they’re still relatively cold at this stage. Create a sales funnel, which is essentially a series of emails, during which time you’re going to be building the relationship with them, showing off more of that amazing knowledge that you have and email after email sparking that fire in them for wanting to work with you. Be careful not to overload it full of sales emails, it’s important to get the right mix and take them through the right stages, conversation builder email, tip email, call to action sales email and so on. Don’t forget to ensure that you introduce yourself too, explain who you are, what you do and who you work with too. Your sales funnel is going to be what automatically takes them through from being a potential client to a paying client. You’ll need to make sure you review your emails, see what’s working, what isn’t and tweak along the way!

3. Drive your ideal clients to your freebie

There’s no point having an amazing freebie and sales funnel if no one actually signs up, you’ll never beat the feast and famine cycle that way. So you need to be driving people to sign up, and not just anyone either you need to be driving your ideal clients. There’s a couple of ways you can do this, you can run targeted Facebook ads, that way you can really get clear on who you’re targeting with your ad, make sure it’s only getting seen by your ideal clients, again you’ll need to make sure that you test these out and keep tweaking them until you get the perfect set up. As well as trying out Facebook ads you can find relevant blogs and do some guest blogging, make the post relevant to your freebie and in your bio mention that you have this freebie available. Use the call to action on your own blogs to divert people to your freebie, again write a post that’s relevant to your freebie and use the call to action as your freebie to drive people there. Use social media, get in front of your ideal clients and let them know about it, whether that’s on Twitter, Facebook or otherwise, you’ve got the freebie, you’ve got the sales funnel now you need to remember to drive the regular traffic to it.


Jane WillmottJane Willmott is a successful business coach who has clients worldwide. She works with them to create/grow their kick ass business so they can bring their ultimate dreams to life. You can find out more about Jane and what she does over at her website www.janewillmott.com

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