6 ways to reuse blog content

6 Ways to Create More Content from One Blog Post

6 ways to reuse blog content

by Kristal Reagan

If you’re a regular blogger are you using your blog content to the fullest? I don’t know about you but writing a blog post was pretty easy for me but creating the social media content would stump me. It really shouldn’t be that hard and I was making it harder than it needed to be. But there had to be an easier way to share the content in a way that my followers are more likely to see. When you have a great blog post don’t let that thing go to waste. Reuse it to create more traffic and make sure your followers don’t miss your awesome information. So here are 6 ways to create more content from one blog post.


Create a Video

YouTube– Do you have a YouTube channel but you’re always wondering what the heck you can talk about or show your followers? It’s in your blog! Once you have your blog post created and published, print it out and grab the main points including a snippet of information to elaborate upon each point when you’re recording.

You want the video to be 3-5 minutes long and create it with this format in mind:

  • Include a 15-second intro on who you are, your business name, and what you do.
  • Then you’ll give them bullet points on what you are going to tell them
  • Next share a snippet of information in a way that makes sense for each point you mentioned
  • Then to wrap it up you’ll tell them what you just told them (the bullet points again) and include a call to action of some kind to take them to your site, the blog post with more info, get on your email list, etc.

I like to record my videos in segments as well. Yes, that means I stop and start recording 4 times. Once for the intro, once for what I’m going to tell them, once for what I’m telling them, and once for what I just told them. Then I use video editing software to transition them all together and add some helpful text. If you don’t have the time or knowledge to do it that way then record the video 3 times and use the best one.


Social Media

Facebook– Use key points in your blog post to create 3-5 Facebook posts that contain approximately a 300-word description for each one, also use 1-2 hashtags when creating the posts. Be sure to use images and schedule them to post every other day.

Twitter– Copy and paste subheadings from your post and reword points to create 15-20 tweets with a short link to the blog post. Use 1-2 hashtags and schedule 2 a day with varying scheduled times. Depending on how large a following you have you could get away with 7-10 posts a day at varying times so you hit all your follower’s time zones.

Pinterest- Of course, you’ll need an image in a bright or light color (darker images do not get pinned as often). Grab a quote from your post to make an image. The image should be in a 2:3 aspect ratio and you’ll write a 300-word description including the full URL to the post as well as 1-2 hashtags. You only need to create 1 pin.

Google+-You’ll only want to create 1 post for this platform. Google+ does not like duplicate or overlapping content. Write a 300-word description including a short URL with this post as well as 1-2 hashtags.

Note: when using hashtags, pick 2-4 hashtags that are relevant to your content and use those over and over. You don’t want to use a different hashtag for every post you create on each platform. Simple is good.


Your Email List

Newsletter-Do you ever get stumped on what to include in your newsletter? Your blog post is a great place to start. Not everyone uses a blog feed (I don’t) and I don’t always remember to check my favorite sites for new blog posts and I 100% love the newsletters I get that include snippets of blog posts. I can skim the headlines and decide which ones I want to read. Help your followers out and include a blog summary and if you only blog once a week like myself then turn that newsletter into a conversation. Be a person. Don’t just copy and paste the first few paragraphs of the blog post and hope that your readers will click the link to continue reading. Segway into it in a personable way. If you walked up to someone that you know needs your content you wouldn’t just tap them on the shoulder and say, “Hey, read this.” No, you would actually say hey so and so, how are ya? And you may include a short story of something that happened to you that correlates to your content and then segway in with your blog post.

What a perfect way to re-purpose and recycle your content into even more content. No more sitting and planning out what you’ll put on social media or in your newsletter. It all starts with a blog post full of valuable content. But please don’t forget on social media that you need to post more than just what’s on your blog. You want to make a connection so be a real person not just a page that posts links over and over.

Now that you know how to turn one post into multiple streams of content, go to your blog and find a post that has gotten a lot of comments and take the 6 steps above to create more content and make that blog post even more visible.




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6 Replies to “6 Ways to Create More Content from One Blog Post”

  1. Lori McLean

    Great info! Thanks for sharing, Kristal.

    1. Kristal Reagan

      You’re welcome Lori!

  2. Vatsala Shukla

    I love to repurpose my blog posts, to create more engagement. One way that I do it is post a YouTube video on my blog and then also upload the slides on Slideshare with a link to the post. Thanks for sharing your tip about the newsletter. I feel validated because that is the approach that I have been using for some time now.

    1. Kristal Reagan[ Post Author ]

      Hey Vatsala! Adding a quick video is so great because not everyone likes to read. SlideShare is another great platform, I’m going to add that back to my marketing plan this year. You’re welcome about the newsletter tip, it certainly makes newsletter creation day frustration free for me.

  3. Elaine Bayless

    This is great! Really practical suggestions that I plan to start using!

    1. Kristal Reagan[ Post Author ]

      I’m glad it was helpful Elaine!

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