How to Stay Healthy While Growing a Business

How to Stay Healthy While Growing a Business by @anton_sarah

How to Stay Healthy While Growing a Business
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by Sarah Anton

When you’re growing a business you feel passionate about, you eat, breathe and live the business. Everything you do comes down to one thing and one thing only: how will this help my business grow? Of course, that’s how you know that what you’re doing truly is your passion, but should you forget about yourself in the process? I hope not.

As business owners, you need to be healthy and happy with yourself to be able to sell happiness and health to your clients. Regardless of what your product or service is, the end result needs to be a happy customer. So, if your business is taking over your life at the moment and you barely have time to think about eating, let alone work out, here are some quick tips to stay healthy while still growing the business:

Shake it Up: if you know that your day or week will be extremely hectic, make or buy some healthy smoothies to sip on throughout the day. The nutrients in the smoothie will keep you awake and nourished, which will help you be happier as you go through your everyday tasks. Make sure the smoothies are sugar-free to minimize weight gain and insulin spikes.

Have an Active Lunch: set 30-60 minutes everyday for your lunch time. Even if you’re growing a business, you’re still on a schedule and lunch is part of it. You can break down your lunch hour into two and go for a quick spinning class before eating or power walk as you munch on your healthy wrap. As long as you’re moving mid-day, you’ll be fine. The goal here is to give your brain a break from all the business scenario. You’ll be surprised how many ideas can come to mind once the endorphins kick in after spinning.

Wake Up Early: you might groan at the though of waking up an hour earlier than you already do, but this is a great way to add hours to your day. Wake up an hour before your clients do and use that time for yourself. Prepare your meals, go for a run, meditate, or read your favorite magazine. That extra morning hour will help you be more focused on your daily tasks as you won’t be worried about the lack of food you’ve ingested today or the days you’ve missed at the gym.

Remember that you need to be happy and healthy to sell happiness and health to your clients. Make yourself a priority in your life, your business will still continue to grow.


Sarah AntonSarah Anton is a content writer, editor, lifehacker, entrepreneur, runner, and foodie. Her life aspirations include owning a pet lion and travelling the world to taste all the different kinds of chocolate. Find more of her writing at

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