Baggage That Weighs Us Down by @AskJoshsMom

by Rossana Snee

Duffel-BagIt’s morning—another beautiful day lies ahead.

You wake up feeling refreshed, but it’s short lived.

As soon as you get out of bed, you start THINKING.

As you head toward the shower, you remember that mistake you made last week, and how it might have affected your promotion.

As you’re getting dressed, you think about your neighbor, and how her dog did his business in your yard, and just left it there. “The nerve!”

You prepare your breakfast, but your mind isn’t on it. Instead it’s on the dinner you’re supposed to attend tonight. “Rats! Sitting through dinner with the Smith’s is going to be torture. Why did I agree?”

As you brush your teeth you recall that the Chase bill is due. “Where the heck am I going to come up with that money?”

You start to feel anxious. You’ve only been up for an hour. But wait, you’re not through.

Before you leave for work, you pick up your Duffel Bag. It’s fully loaded, probably couldn’t even be checked in at the airport without having to pay $25.00, it’s so heavy.

What’s in it?

* Regrets (5 lbs.)
* Guilt (7 lbs.)
* Self-loathing (3 lbs.)
* Loneliness (8 lbs.)
* Fear (10 lbs.)

Before stepping out, you add another 9 lbs.—4 lbs. of Anxiety, and 5 lbs. of Self-criticism.

Every day the Duffel Bag gets a little heavier. When will it stop? Your back hurts, and you’ve noticed an increase in headaches. You felt some tightness in your chest, but you’re sure it was heartburn.

Momentarily distracted by a car alarm, you walk out the door, the Duffel Bag temporarily forgotten, and for a brief moment you notice the cloudless sky, the birds chirping their morning song, the fresh scent of jasmine, etc. And then you REMEMBER—the Duffel Bag. You go back in and pick it up, immediately feeling the strain of its weight. But regardless, you carry that Duffel Bag all day, wherever you go. By the end of the day you’re exhausted. You wonder why.

Why? Because instead of starting out the day in the spirit of Joy, Exuberance, and a Sense of Adventure, you carry your baggage with you. You allow your THINKING to dictate your state of mind. When you’d forgotten your Duffel Bag full of garbage, you were able to enjoy the beauty surrounding you. As soon as you remembered, the weight of it consumed you anew.

Think about what useless weights you’re carrying around every day. Things that should have been thrown out with last week’s garbage. And then throw your Duffel Bag in the dumpster. Free yourself from whatever is loading you down. You don’t need it.

Imagine the lightness of your step, the openness of your heart, and the smile on your face.



Rossana SneeAbout the author: I am a Marriage & Family Therapist. My goal is to help young 20-something women find themselves and become empowered. I endeavor to motivate and inspire people to be their best self. I run a group called An Afternoon With Josh’s Mom where young women have the opportunity to ask for guidance on any issue they might have.

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