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Photo Credit: chiaralily via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: chiaralily via Compfight cc

by Amy Javier

Our souls is the most feminine part of us. She is tender, loving, ever flowing, sensitive and strong. In Gnosticism, Pistis Sophia is known as “the soul of the world”, the divine feminine aspect: she is fabulous.. . beyond fabulous, she is everything. She is the highest aspect of our inner being, of our souls. In having a sacred partnership to our souls we are having a sacred partnership to the Universe aka All that Is.

I have been going on this internal journey of my souls for 3 years now. These 3 years of my life has been an unveiling of the truth of my soul that was clouded behind the shadows. As soon as the commitment in my life went from body to soul, the divine feminine presented herself in all areas. I have been traveling to places within me that are as colorful as the rainbow and as shadowy as the underground. As human beings we have both shadows and light and because the Universe is literally perfect as are we, the light part of us brings a resolution to the shadowy aspects and it all works in perfect harmony.

What brought me home has always been the commitment and loyalty I had to my soul. The soul must be nurtured and cared for in order for it to be in its true essence and light. When you do something good and nurturing for yourself , in turn we are nurturing and being good to our souls. If you are working out, that is good for the soul. If you are taking time to meditate that is good for soul. Eating better is good for soul. Breaking a pattern is amazingly good for your soul. No matter where you are, you are on this thread because you are learning how to treat yourself with love and treat your soul like God.

When women (or beautiful heart opening men) take care of their souls they automatically get this glow. This glow is not superficial. It is a glow from within that belongs to a healthy and loved soul. It enhances beauty. This is an organic glow that some women obsess over and are looking for in over chemicalized cosmetics or makeup industry. While I was in the lowest point of my life I was not taking care of my soul, so I speak from experience! At some point I also went into denial that I was taking care of her , when I wasn’t. The things that you don’t do when you are taking care of your soul is exactly what I was doing. My soul knew what she was doing.

Things that get you in trouble with your soul (no healthy glow for you):

*Over sleeping
*Not doing what I loved
*staying in unhealthy relationships
*Playing too nice
*Playing too bitchy
*In denial

This is what you call not living according to your intuition, but living life out of old wounds. And yes , I admit it…I was one of those women.

What I love about taking care of my soul NOW is that I have become healthier inside and out. It’s an inside job to have style. Yet, although I was doing these unhealthy things, I had the FAITH that I would reach the point where I KNEW and WALKED as the LIGHT embodied. I have forgiven myself for treating myself that way and now I continue on this ever evolving work of self love. The art of self love is a journey.

The key to getting out of these kind of stuck ruts is to be super gentle and forgiving to myself. Allowing myself to do what I did (unhealthy behaviors) with the INTENTION of changing it when my soul was ready. I vowed to my soul that I will listen to her whenever she was ready to expand and spread her wings. I told her I will be there for her no matter what. This persistent commitment to YOURSELF and YOUR SOUL is taking care of her.

Treat your soul like a QUEEN.

How to get that Queen Glow :

Listen to your intuition
Live life according to your souls truth, whatever your soul says goes
Read a book that you know deep down will be helpful for your growth
Make contact with your inner LIGHT each day
Create a Vision Board for guidance on where your soul would like you to be

I work with women in the field of soul healing and intuition training for business. What I find is that many of us have been trained to listen to truths outside of us, when we must really look inside to find the answers. When we empower our delicately strong souls to rise, this is when we feel fulfilled in life. The emptiness all of a sudden becomes full. Our souls are ever wise and are as tender and delicate as a newborn baby. We must be the mothers of our souls for it to be expressed in the QUEENDOM that we truly are meant to embody.

with style and grace,
Amy Javier


Style MysticAmy Javier is style, intuitive and soul guidance expert from New York City. She graduated from Fashion Institute of Technology with a Fashion Merchandising Management degree. Style Mystic is her new guidance company: a mix of spirituality, business creativity and style. She connects to higher dimensional guides and is guided to work with her clients on empowerment, well being, guidance from the higher self, business and style. Her motto is “Having style is an inside job”. Her specialty is guiding people to tap into their intuition in life and business and transformation through inner alchemy. She is highly connected to Amma (the hugging saint) , Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary & Master Yeshua (Jesus Christ). Awakened to her true soul essence by Abdy Electriciteh, Amy has had many life changing experiences. Her passion for the divine feminine has led her into the path as The Oracle Healer. She give’s accurate readings and connects to higher dimensional guides for guidance for her clients. Projects she is currently working are the PATH OF THE GODDESS a 6 Week Intensive and the Women’s Soul Healing Retreat in Bali coming August 2015. She continues to work with clients one on one by integrating teachings and heart love from the divine feminine and her clients guides. For more info on Amy’s work visit her website.

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