Banishing “Make Do” or Why That Ugly Chair Has Got To Go.

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4 Replies to “Banishing “Make Do” or Why That Ugly Chair Has Got To Go.”

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  2. Micheline Hynes

    Well written, as usual, Melinda Massie. Gave me just the extra nudge I needed to commit to dealing with the ‘ugly’ in the room. So here’s my commitment: I will get a quote from an upholsterer to have it repaired and refurbished, or it will go in the next 30 days. (Would be sooner, but I have a major car repair that has to come first.)

    Thank you once again for challenging me to give up making do, and put some energy into making it better!

    1. Melinda Massie[ Post Author ]

      Hooray!!! Now I’m holding you to this. 😀 Let me know what happens.

      Glad to challenge and gently nudge. Thanks so much for your comment. Always happy to help.

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