Too Busy To Exercise? by @MelissciousT

Photo Credit: Edson Hong via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Edson Hong via Compfight cc

by Melissa Traynor | Featured Contributor 

There are never enough hours in a day. I get it, I really do. You start your day with a long list of to-do’s and while in a perfect world you would knock those off faster than a Bruce Lee punch, things keep popping up hindering your progress.  Your kids got called into the office and you have to visit their school. Your boss dropped a last minute deadline on you. There was an accident on the highway and traffic is backed up. Stuff happens and this stuff can not only cut into you scheduled plan of attack for the day, but it can leave you feeling drained mentally and physically. This means the last thing you want to do, because you may not understand the value of training, is to exercise.

Do you want to know the best way to deal with, and to combat those stressors, actually INCREASE your temporary and longer term energy levels, as well as helping you feel more super human n all aspects of life? Exercise!

Most would like you to believe the benefits of exercise come at some complicated levels, but it does not have to, just move quickly, frequently and consistently and you can get major rewards physically, mentally, sexually, financially and on it goes. Those who are top earners and influencers are those who prioritize exercise and movement.

Below are just a few of the reasons that the busier you are aka the more stressed out or tired you are, the more you actually should move instead of just plopping down on the couch after a crazy day:

1. Vigorous exercise has mental health benefits beyond moderate physical activity in that it helps you better deal with stress, pain, insomnia, depression, memory and concentration. Vigourous may mean you have to push yourself a bit harder but that also means you can spend less time doing it. 20-30 minutes of hard work will do you more than 60-90 at a leisurely level.

2. Exercise not only helps to “activate” our mitochondria, our cells energy power houses, but it can actually increase the number that we have.

3. Exercise can actually save you a ton of time. When you make your muscles work, they will work for you. The stronger and fitter that you are, the better able you will be sprint to your car when in a rush. The less trips you will have to take to carry loads from the car to your house.

4. Want to get a promotion? There is a ton of research to support that the taller you stand and approach people, the more respected, the more confident you appear thus garnering that ear you want to buzz in to. Exercise help to do this by improving your posture.

5.  Exercise helps to clear your mind. What does this mean? It means that you will find the clarity in that you may be busy, but could be more productive. Business is a problem in today’s society and if we don’t catch and control things through clarity of mind, we end up wasting a ton of energy that could be better spent elsewhere.

As you can see, exercise offers a variety of benefits that go far beyond just looking great in a bikini. Just as you plan your other tasks for the day, you must plan in a daily break for movement. Without exercise, we can not be as effective with our jobs. Without exercise, we can not truly enjoy time with our friends and family to the extent and to the length we should. Without exercise we shorten our lifespan tremendously. If you want to be productive in life in any regard, you must first put your oxygen mask (exercise) on or you are utterly useless. Remember that next time you think you are too busy because if you keep going without your oxygen, I think we all know what will happen.


Melissa120614low-11Music, movement and empowerment. Those three words describe what drives Melissa Traynor ACSM-HFS, CISSN. Music fuels movement and movement frees our soul. Empowerment gives us all a freedom and strength like no other to achieve our best versions of ourselves and thus, our true levels of happiness. As a trio, Melissa strives to not only embody those three elements in her own life as a journey, with a side of weird, awkward and of course amazing, but thrives on helping others to embrace the power of those elements from the outside and more importantly, from within. As a certified health and fitness specialist, nutritionist, and an all around guinea pig of life, she uses her knowledge and various experiences to help write, speak, teach and coach others on how by fueling and moving our bodies bodies gives us not only a strong body, but a strong mind. Her passion is making people laugh, smile, and pretty much just own their awesome! She is also very passionate about community, social services, mental health and human rights on an overall global scale.

My goal is to give you #MPOWERment so you can live your best life. With a black belt in ‘keeping it real’ I aim to inspire and spread good like wildfire! When asked, “What do you want to do when you grow up” I said, ” Build ladders, tear down walls and smash glass ceilings

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  1. Ray Ball

    I love this post! I’m actually the epitome of this post, I work all day, then try to blog, cook, clean, take my dog out, the list goes on! I’m starting slow running with my dog and your right it totally does clear my mind!

    Great post!

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