Choosing the Right Social Media Networks for Your Business

by Kelly McCormick | Featured Contributor

1. There Are Too Many Social Networks!

Does this sound familiar? “There are so many social networks. I don’t know which ones I should be on!”

Well it’s a common concern. So too is trying to figure out how many of the ‘right’ networks you should join.

We’ll begin by solving the “how many networks is enough” problem.


2. How Many Social Sites Should A Business Be On?

So how many social media sites should your business post to, while still leaving you time to run your business?

Well, let’s think about your own social networking habits.

If you’re like most people, there are probably two to three networks and/or blogs that you check out or post to on a regular basis.

In my experience, the same is true for your potential customers. They tend to have two to three top social media sites and/or blogs that they visit frequently.

The trick is to figure out which of the top two to three networks your typical customer would be on.


3.  Which Social Networks Should MY Business Be On?

Using the process of elimination can reduce Social Media overwhelm. You begin by understanding who makes up the typical user for each social network.

To make this easy for you, I’ve listed user stats for some common networks.

LinkedIn: Primarily B2B. Approx. 63% Men and 37% Women

Twitter: B2B, B2C and Personal. Approx. 53% Women and 47% Men

Google+: Mixed audience B2B to Brands and Individuals. Approx.70% Men

Pinterest:  B2C & Personal. Approx. 84% Women
*Pew Research and Beevolve. B2B = Business to Business, B2C = Business to Consumer.

(FYI, internet searches can pinpoint even more information for these sites and others. This can include the typical users’ ethnicity, income, country, education, posting and interaction habits etc.)


4.  How Do I Write a Great Short Business Description?

Once you know which sites are best for your business, the next step is to put together a BRIEF business description for your profile.

I’ve written a blog post about that too, Describing Your Business in Two Sentences for Social Media.

If you need additional help, my marketing department is open for business!


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