Commitment vs. Interest: The Key to Achieving Your Dream Goals


by Melanie Benson Strick

Have you ever wondered why you put every ounce of energy into some of your goals while others never get your attention?

It’s all about your commitment.

There’s a big difference between being interested in achieving a goal and being committed to that goal – and what I’ve discovered is that being interested isn’t enough.

Interest is being curious. Curious people might “try.”

Commitment requires being all in. If you are committed to your goal, you make it the priority and allocate time for action on that goal.

Commitment requires you to do whatever it takes, whereas “interest” means you’ll do just enough but not more. Entrepreneurs and mission-driven professionals who are committed typically demonstrate that commitment with the following traits:

  1. Commit to being “all in” even if they don’t know how to achieve the goal.
  2. They take action with deep resourcefulness, trusting that they get outside the box to find answers and resources.
  3. Have beliefs, thoughts, and ideas that are congruent with the success of the goal.
  4. Let go of needing approval and validation from others.
  5. Invest fully in achieving the goal (like hiring a coach, expert, and other support personnel.)
  6. Address bottlenecks and roadblocks quickly. If there is a situation in the way that is stealing time or energy, committed goal-seekers will resolve the issues so they can get back to business.
  7. Focus on the positive outcomes of achieving the goal instead of lamenting the cost of pursuing their dream.
  8. Align goals to their values and priorities which creates limitless energy and inspiration during the pursuit.
  9. Willing to get uncomfortable and take action (even though it might be scary) to achieve the goal.
  10. Refuse to let any excuses be bigger than your commitment.

When you are committed, you will be relentless in your pursuit of the goal. Obstacles don’t take you out of the game. They simply become a learning opportunity so that you get better at your game.

When you are merely interested, you change direction as your mood shifts. You are not committed to the outcome so you allow your emotions to drive your actions, which often means doing what feels comfortable and safe.



Here are four important keys to being committed to your goal:

  1. Choose a goal that is aligned with your big-picture priorities. When it’s really important, you will make time for it.
  2. Visualize a successful outcome. See and feel yourself with the goal already realized. Don’t let fears and doubts could your mind.
  3. Keep the goal front of mind. Make action towards the goal a part of your daily routine.
  4. Commit to being the person – mindset, habits, and strategies – that will achieve those goals easily.

Now, go make your dream goals a reality!



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