Does the thought of PERISCOPE give you anxiety? by @xoxoamyjo

presentingby Amy Jo | Featured Contributor

Does the thought of the world watching your every move during a live broadcast send shivers down your spine? I totally hear you. It can be super intimidating to set yourself up in front of your camera, hit broadcast, and await the hearts to come rolling in…or so you hope.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, stop reading this post right now and go download the app called Periscope.

Periscope is an AMAZING new app that thousand of people are using every day. Not only is it your every day Sally who scopes, but its famous fancy people too. Lance Bass, anyone? What Periscope allows you to do is hop into someone’s life for a few moments, comment and socialize with them, and send hearts that shows them you love whatever they’re talking about. For example, when I first discovered this app, I was immediately addicted. I was able to watch a man on the streets of New York create an amazing, one-of-a-kind painting using spray paint. The next day, I was able to “virtually” ride a ride in Disneyworld. A day after THAT, I sat in one a Miley Cyrus concert. The possibilities are ENDLESS!

And aside from all of the fun adventures you can be a part of, you can also learn from some AMAZING people including business guru’s, yoga instructors, bloggers….you name it, you’ll find someone doing it.

All fun and dandy, right? So, what’s up with that nervous feeling you have in your stomach about broadcasting yourself? Oh honey, we’ll squash those real quick.

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Have you ever sat down and created a list of things you’re nervous about? Public Speaking? Failing? Not being good enough? Not fun feelings at all, am I right? These steps will give you a boost and have you feeling confident in no time.

  1. There’s Only One You – Have you ever let this thought sink in before? There’s no one else in the ENTIRE universe designed just like you. No one looks like you. No one acts like you. No one has your sense of humor, or wit, or thoughts. You are UNIQUELY designed to be the amazing human that you are. Don’t fret is someone is out in the world doing something that you want to do. DO IT! If someone is Periscoping about something you know a lot about…good for them! Now hop on and spread YOUR voice.
  1. The world needs your voice – Speaking of your voice, the world needs yours. Like, now. No one can say or do something the way that YOU can. YOUR message may resonate with someone way better than someone else who said it a similar way. Isn’t that cool? There are people out there who need YOU!
  1. You’re absolutely good enough – We’ve all had those days where we’re like…man, I just don’t feel good enough to do this. And you know what? Those days are the pits. BUT! They’re also so not true. You’re absolutely 150% good enough to do the things you desire to do. Why? Because YOU desire them. We aren’t given the feeling of desire for things that are impossible for us to do. We’re given that feeling so that we know what our soul craves. And you may be thinking, “But she does it better that I ever could.” PSH! You listen here girlfriend, what makes it SO possible for her to be doing something you desire, and SO impossible for YOU to do the same? Recognize the underlying thoughts that you’re telling yourself about your desires and then CHANGE them. Make yourself KNOW and FEEL that you are TOTALLY capable and good enough to spread your voice.
  1. It’s your time – Do you watch scopes and think, “I wish I could do that but I’m too shy.” Too shy is a story you’re telling yourself that will keep you stuck where you are. If you DESIRE to do a Periscope, or start a business, or record a video for your website, then something inside of you is telling that IT’S YOUR TIME! You’re totally ready. Practice makes perfect! Maybe you’re the type of person who says, “I’m totally going to start doing that tomorrow.” And then three years later you’re all like, “Yeah tomorrow is totally the day I’m going to start.” Make your tomorrow your TODAY!
  1. You weren’t here to be a dud – NOPE! You weren’t. You weren’t plopped on this planet to sit there and just survive. You were made to THRIVE! Life is about facing your fears, overcoming your doubts, and stepping into your spotlight. Recognize the amazing things that you have to share to this world. That’s when the magic happens.


Amy Jo – International Success Coach + Soul Painter 

Amy Jo As a firm believer in listening to your body’s intuition, Amy Jo founded Soul Paint Co. as a way to encourage women to step into their spotlight. She coaches women around the world to balance their 5 “hot spots” in order to live an abundantly successful and fulfilling life. What are the 5 “hot spots”, you ask? They consist of: Health & Wellness, Emotional Wellbeing, Relationships, Career, & Spirituality. Amy Jo believes that how you do ONE thing is how you do EVERYTHING! When any of these “hot spots” are out of alignment, they affect other areas of your life as well. By balancing these areas, we create space for the magic to happen and to live the life we want! When she’s not coaching, Amy Jo is leading Soul Painting retreats focusing on listening to your intuition through the process of painting. These retreats are moving experiences that break through self judgement and open the heart to greater self love.

Amy Jo has her Bachelors of Arts in Art Therapy, as well as certifications in Holistic and Integrative Medicine, and Complementary and Alternative Medicine. She was awarded the POP Scholarship from the National Association of Women Business Owners and is a lover of beaches, elephants, and antique shops.

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