Easy Project Ideas – Bespoke Gift Wrap Trimmings by @TinkerAndFaff

by Nikki Griffiths | Featured Contributor

I love tinkering and faffing – it’s what I do best (as my husband will verify)! I tend to blog about my tinkerings and faffings with the intention of giving everyone lots of ideas for creating things at home, with the kids, on your own, for holidays, without too much hassle of purchasing anything too fancy. For example, I did a summer post a while ago on my own blog about making bunting without the need to sew – just material and wonder web. So as you can see, nothing too tricksy.

One thing that I especially love tinkering with is wrapping up gifts – making them look so lovely that people don’t want to open them. So needless to say I absolutely love the Christmas present wrapping, I’ve had so much fun with creating bows, stars, mini wreaths and wrapping up over the holidays.

For my first blog post on here I thought I’d make it a super easy one, get back in to the swing of things slowly!

This project is about creating lovely wrapped gifts. Making a standard piece of brown parcel paper look extra special with these trimmings.

All you need is baking twine (available at all good craft stores), brown parcel wrap and LOADS of buttons. If you’re anything like me, I collect all the buttons off every piece of clothing I own. Needless to say I have a LOT!! Again, if you don’t have any in, you can get lots of different pretty buttons available at all good craft stores.

Easy Project Ideas – Bespoke Gift Wrap Trimmings









– Start by wrapping the gift in the brown parcel paper

– Then measure out how much twine you need to wrap around the gift and allow a little extra.

– Tie a small knot at one of the ends of the twine, to stop the buttons coming off.

– Start to thread the buttons onto the twine, try not to bunch them all up together, leave a few gaps in between – the more uneven the better.

– Once your length of twine is nearly full, wrap it around the present

– Tie in a knot and then thread another few more buttons on

– Tie a knot at the end of the twine

Easy Project Ideas – Bespoke Gift Wrap Trimmings









And there you have it, a lovely wrapped gift with hand made trimmings. This project took approximately 30-45 minutes, so not long at all, and makes the recipient feel extra special.

Happy tinkering and faffing 🙂 x


NiksPic_forBlogpostNikki Griffiths is the founder of Tinker & Faff. Tinkering and faffing and creating word art designs for gifts and for the home.

Having trained as a typographer and designer Nikki decided to venture in to the world of surface pattern design on home and gift wares. Producing off the shelf products as well as bespoke art for beautiful gift ideas. She started doing bespoke prints for family and friends as gifts and it has taken off from there, selling her wares on Etsy and blogging about the creative tinkering and faffing that she does in her spare time to encourage others to get creative and tinker and faff.

UK based in the Cheshire countryside, although with big aspirations for a cottage by the sea in South Wales.

Website: www.tinkerandfaff.com
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