Feeling a bit Zoomed Out?

My client was telling me about this one time back in 2007 when she attended a party at Crains that year. The room was full of men, C-Level Executives and a few women….very few women. Enter 2021 and more women are putting on their CEO hats and launching brands or expounding on an existing one. Many of my fellow business owners are learning the tech, marketing and SEO skills needed to get their websites more SEO visibility. Maybe they are hosting a virtual talk, being interviewed on a podcast or dabbling in building a YouTube channel. Social media is more than just a place to share baby photos.

We are connecting online virtually, now and forever more, across all industries and if you’re lucky enough to work from home then you are still client facing except now it’s over ZOOM and Google Hangout. Even I pivoted when the pandemic hit me hard in March last year. I was on location for NBC Law and Order -SVU and we had just done a take in a Bronx neighborhood when the assistant director wrapped our show for the day. I found out later on the News that a Covid-19 case tested positive at a public school near our shoot and as I unpacked my kit I had no idea when I would pick up my makeup brushes again.

So I started promoting virtual beauty sessions through my business and worked with clients online. Many of whom I have never met in person. San Francisco, Atlanta and Canada were some of the locations where my clients were based. I was feeling useful and actually having fun connecting virtually and being resourceful as a business owner.

The way you look on camera represents your overall story, image, energy and brand. Never has there been a more important time than right now to learn how to get that makeup and image done right. Collaboration over video conferencing like Zoom will continue to rise as more companies restructure the office and how you look and sound on these platforms have never been so important as they are now. How are you showing up?

Maybe it’s ok for you to wear chapstick and a top knot but would that be ok for a job interview?

A friend of mine refused an invite over Zoom because she said that the weekends were her “down” time and she was burned out from all the meetings during the week for work. Totally understandable. Another friend I tried to call on a Saturday afternoon but within minutes she excused herself as she was busy crafting her newsletter and was “in the zone” Anyway you slice it we are always online. 

Personally and professionally I feel like I’m busier now than I was when I had a 9-5 job and my ideation and content creation for my brand video marketing has never looked better. I launched my first online program last October called The Dynamic Video Blueprint and my clients loved the coaching I did around image and makeup for camera so much that I’ve designed a facebook challenge!

Sign up for FREE 5 Days to Makeup & Shakeup your Videos Challenge

which begins January 25th 2021.

During this exciting and easy challenge you will:

  • Discard old outdated methods and learn new techniques
  • Get simple and best looks for your on camera videos
  • Reveal an updated polished look that you can do in minutes

P.S. Did I mention that you’ll only need minutes each day to complete this challenge (on your own time)?

And did I mention that I’ll be choosing winners at random and giving away daily prizes just for participating?

Plus, one lucky person will win the GRAND PRIZE worth over $1,550

I believe as women we should support each other in our success in any way we can. When one of us wins we all win because it reinforces that anything is possible if we are willing to do what it takes. Let’s do what is necessary to stretch ourselves and grow toward even bigger goals in 2021!

See ya online!

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