Focus Formula: How An Entrepreneur Gets It All Done

by Christine KaneFocus Formula

I have a nickname for my client Sue Ludwig.

I call her a farm animal.

This makes her laugh out loud.  But she can see the relevance.

Before you label my comment as unflattering, let me first share with you what this woman has done in the time we’ve worked together…

She hired me as her coach when she had only an idea and no business, no list, no website, nothing.

Then, she founded the National Association of Neonatal Therapists. She now has a list of thousands and a membership of over 500 people spanning 9 different countries.

She quit her “real” job just a year after starting her business. She has sold out two annual events.  Jill Bolte Taylor spoke at one of them. Brene Brown spoke at another.

She’s attracted multiple corporate sponsorships. And she gets so many invitations to speak around the country that she has to turn many opportunities down.

She is also about to release a product that is going to seriously transform the health of thousands of premature babies around the world.

Impressive?  Yes.

But you want the truth?

The work itself was thoroughly unimpressive.

Every single thing that Sue (or any of my clients!) accomplished is about asking one thing and one thing only…

What are my VERY NEXT STEPS?

NOT my bright shiny object idea of the day.

NOT that cool thing that COULD happen if only if only.

NOT someone come here and fix my business now.

“What are my very next steps?” is my secret Focus Formula.

In spite of the many distractions that arise for any entrepreneur, Sue and I have always focused on her very next steps.  And she is superb at taking a deep breath and just doing the sometimes simple, often tedious, task at hand.

When I lead a mastermind or host an event, I am relentless about the Focus Formula.  I perpetually guide my students or clients back into clarity on their very next steps – even though they are learning hundreds of new concepts. This way, they’ll go home and actually create real results in their businesses, rather than just being high on all the new ideas they got.

Which brings me to you.

If I know you at all, dear reader, I’m pretty sure that at this moment you are thinking one or any of the following things:

I’ve got so many ideas, and I don’t know which to start on first.

I should really write a best-selling book.

I wonder if I should put on an event.

Should I make an app? I hear you’re supposed to do this now.

My new website isn’t good enough.

Wayne Dyer would really dig my blog if I could just let him know about it.

Yes, I should definitely write a best-selling book.

Should I Google+ the same things I post to Facebook?

Maybe I’ll buy that program on how to franchise your business.

Yes, all of these things are possible. But you can only do one thing at a time.  And there’s only one or two things that you NEED to do right now, this week, or this month.

So, answer this:

What are the three very next steps that I need to take right now in my business to get to the very next place I want to go?

(Hint: These steps are often bovine in their simplicity and unimpressive nature.)

Now, here’s your assignment.

Write your three steps below (for a little added support.)

And then, go do them.



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