Frustrated? 5 Keys To Endure While Creating Our Reality


by Kiara Rose Wade 

How do you define reality? Reality to me implies trust and the unchanging surroundings in which we depend on. After living abroad for most of my 20’s you learn very quickly that you are in control of your reality. In addition, our reality is depended on our perception stimulated by sensory input and how we interpret it. However, everything we have ever experienced whether good or bad has influenced you in some way to create our own reality.

After returning home after 10 months abroad I realized that no two worlds are the same. In fact, what I saw as my ideal world did not work for the people around me. In addition, my agenda for 10 months was completely different to my family and friends. After living abroad for so long you begin to get so used to living and doing things on your own. But when you leave your world and enter another person’s reality things seem to be a little uncomfortable. Frustration begins to build and you can’t quite understand why things are the way they are, especially during the transformation phase of being a University student to a working adult.

So with that in mind, I put together 5 important keys that you can improve on while enduring the exciting yet challenging phase of creating your own reality.


1. Financial Freedom. 

Are you the type of person to believe that money looks better in the bank when you check your account or better in your wardrobe? I think for me personally I like a bit of both. However, I can not stress this point enough. If you want to be able to have the freedom to do the things you want money shouldn’t define your happiness! Okay, let’s take a step back here. What is the point I am trying to make you ask? The point is that financial freedom allows you to do whatever you want and whenever you want. But there are a few important things you MUST take into account before you get to this point.

  1. Be strategic with the money you save and spend.
  2. Needs verse wants.
  3. Don’t let the world influence you.
  4. Be a boss!
  5. Stay focused.
  6. Habits form very quickly so be smart with your money.
  7. Remain patient.

2. Perseverance

This is definitely something easier said than done but staying true to the process of finding your feet will be the greatest test you will ever overcome. A temporary change in your reality can sometimes mean a better situation is on its way. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason! So while it may seem like a frustrating time for you MUST remain positive.

3. Your happiness is important too!

Once stepping into somebody else’s reality you must realize that your happiness is just as important. You cannot sit in a room and be miserable while the people around you are enjoying themselves. Here is where I developed that we create our own reality. While you may be feeling uncomfortable, do not always rely on people to make you happy. Even amongst the chaos find what you enjoy doing and make the most of the situation. Every experience you have adds to the construction of your own reality.

4. Time & Space

Okay, let’s take a deep breath together and evaluate things. What is making you frustrated? Can it be fixed? Write down what it is that is making you frustrated and lets work together to improve the situation. Time is so precious when things seem to not work in our favor. My encouragement to you is to step away from the negative environment in which you are surrounded in and take some time out to breathe.

5. Be a woman with a vision. Be a boss!

The most important thing you can do right now is focus on the present. Don’t get too caught up in the past but don’t go so far ahead to the future that everything just seems too unrealistic. Focus on the now and work on the all the things that will enable you to achieve your goals. A woman with a plan is far more attractive than a woman that has no plan at all. Be a boss!


So there you have it. Apply this to your everyday construction of your life and enjoy the challenge.


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