Getting Through The Holidays When They’re Hard

It seems like, most of the time, it’s simply assumed that the holidays are a positive and happy time for everyone involved. However, if you’re one of the many who are struggling, at the moment, then you know that this isn’t the case. There are a lot of reasons that the holidays might not be a positive time for you. Here, we’re going to look at some of them, and what you can do to cope, or put the energy being wasted on negative feelings towards doing something more.

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When you’re living alone

If you’ve just started living alone, then getting adjusted to it, practically, can be enough of a challenge by itself. However, emotionally, it can bring a host of other emotional challenges with it, as well. Not spending time with loved ones at Christmas as you once did can be tough. If you’re not able to visit them on the day itself, then you might want to look at setting up a day with your friends or relatives to meet up and have a celebration on another day close to it. Even Facetiming those you are far away from can help a lot. Otherwise, just take the day to make yourself comfortable, relax, and treat yourself.

If you’re having money worries

The holiday season can be one of the most financially stressful periods for a lot of people. Money troubles are very deeply connected to mention and emotional issues, as well. First of all, if you need to cut back spending on Christmas, then that is what you have to do. If you have a family that wants to keep the holidays special, then don’t be afraid to turn to options like charities shown at to help you cover the costs while making sure your children are not deprived. More and more people are being open about how difficult the costs of living are, nowadays, so you don’t have to be embarrassed if you have to admit to a friend or family member that the budget is too tight to do every tradition this year.

When you’re dealing with too much to feel festive

Even if you are surrounded by other people, it can be difficult to muster the energy to put on a festive front when you’re feeling depressed or dealing with mental health issues. If you’re feeling weary, spent, and not much in the mood to celebrate, it can feel like the season itself is putting pressure on you. If there are any Christmas tasks you’re expected to do, like decorating the home or going shopping, having a friend help you with it can help you do the necessary minimum expected of you, socially, which can be important for your relationships, but can also tint the occasion with the kindness of a helping hand.

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If you’ve lost a loved one

The grief of losing a loved one does not go away when it’s convenient. Whether they died during the holiday season and, as such, you always get reminded of it this time of year, or they died this year, or even if they died a long time ago, you feel for the times you were able to see them during the holidays, grief can cut deep. Simply sitting with it is not always the best solution. Instead, taking the time to be active in your remembrance can help offer you a sense of coming to terms with it. Whether you decide to get them a new memorial such as urns by, or to arrange for a memorial service, it can be a moment to pay respects and remember in a positive way. This won’t erase grief, but it can definitely help with it.

Go easy on yourself

Most importantly, you should always be ready to give yourself grace and to allow yourself to not do things as perfectly or appropriately for the season as you want to. Do not force yourself to go to every social gathering, to do every Christmas tradition, or even to feel Christmassy. If you’re having trouble building up that sentiment, then take the time to have a quiet, reflective moment, away from the stress and expectation. If you’re feeling depressed, stressed, or anxious, then simply take the time to be kind to yourself. Don’t blame yourself, and don’t beat yourself up. Wasting energy on self-destructive thoughts or behavior isn’t going to help you, it’s only going to hurt you.

Disconnect from the festive feeds

If you’re alone, or simply not feeling like being festive this year, then images of people celebrating, spending time together, and generally making merry can be a little painful to see. What’s more, they’re just about everywhere. Social media can be very harmful to mental health, in general, as for a lot of people, it creates a loop of comparing oneself to others that can wreak havoc on your self-esteem and self-image. Taking a social media break might be worth it, but you should also remember that no one is telling their real and whole story on social media, it’s a curated feed that often presents an idealized version of themselves.

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Reach out when you need it

If you feel like you have no one to talk to, then you might want to look at the helplines that can offer advice, and ear to listen, or even just some company to help you get through those tough moments. Having someone anonymous, someone who doesn’t know you, and therefore you don’t have to worry about your reputation or how they think of you, can be freeing, and can allow you to get some stuff off your chest that you might have trouble saying, otherwise.

If you feel sad or bad during the holidays, don’t beat yourself up about it. It’s important to remember that this is just another season, another time of year, and just as one season will follow another, the same is true for periods of your life and mindsets. Everything is temporary.

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